Pensacola Beach Eats: Riptides Sports Grill

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Hi, I need to be reading. But right now I think my brain is still on vacation mode, even though I got home around 10:30 pm on Tuesday evening by the time we got our luggage and Tbug taken to her mom’s house.

Today I’m going to share pictures of one of the restaurants we ate at while at Pensacola Beach. Please don’t judge these pictures as we all know I’m a photo snob (or so my husband tells me)! The lighting was HORRIBLE.

After traveling all day to Pensacola Beach Friday the 7th, we went and jumped in the pool and the ocean first thing. Around 7 pm we finally decided it was time to go upstairs and get ready for dinner.

Before our trip I asked Janna for recommendations on where to eat in Pensacola since that’s her stomping ground, plus I found a blogger who was talking about Pensacola Beach. Finally, we talked to the driver of our car company about where we should eat. The consensus was Peg Leg Pete’s. We discussed going there or Red Fish Blue Fish that night but decided we’d just eat in the hotel restaurant that night since we were right there, our rental car hadn’t been picked up yet, and mom and dad hadn’t arrived in Pensacola yet.

That meant we’d eat at Riptides Sports Grill. Note: This picture was taken during the day on Sunday versus the night we ate here… that’s why the lighting is good here!

The hostess asked if we wanted to eat indoors or outside. We decided to eat outside. That was okay except our server kept forgetting about us. Oh, that and the horrible lighting! The lights on the outside were this yellow color that made everything look weird.

I never paint my fingernails but I did for this trip. Okay, they are painted Sally Hansens Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Big Teal. They looked purplish-gray not only in this picture but sitting there that night. No joke. So the food pictures will be in black and white, otherwise, everything looks yellow… yuck!

I chose the Wipe Out Nachos with beef. All I can say is YUM! This picture definitely doesn’t do them justice. I did have them leave out the black beans because I’m not crazy about black beans. But the chips, cheese, salsa, beef, sour cream. It was all good!

Hubby was in hog heaven or should I say fish heaven. Fresh fish, you say that and you have his attention. He went for the Gulf Basket. Fried grouper, gulf shrimp, oysters, & Calamari. He was sold. For his side, he went with sweet potato tater tots. They were interesting!

Tbug went with the BBQ & Cheddar burger cooked medium-well. She went with a side of Sweet potato Tator Tots.

Memaw ordered a BLT and wound up with a Patty Melt. She decided she was too hungry to tell them she got the wrong thing, plus I told you our server kept forgetting we were outside. She did say her burger was great. Hey, and can you tell what her side was?? Why yes, sweet potato tater tots.

Grandma went with a Crabby Patty Salad. She really wanted Crab Cakes and couldn’t decide what to get so that is what she finally settled for. And she went with a side of Sweet Potato Tots. Her salad was supposed to come with a remoulade sauce but they were out so they brought her out a Pepper Ranch sauce that was YUM! I stole a few tots and tried it… Hey everyone had Sweet Potato Tots but me, it was easy to steal tots :).

Sorry about the quality of the pictures… like I said, if I showed them to you as they were, they’d be yellow… the black and white looks much better, trust me!

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