6th Generation Farmer

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The other night we needed to get the rest of the hayfield mowed. Hubby sent me a message earlier in the day asking if I’d meet him after work at the hayfield and bring him work clothes. I figured this might be the perfect time for baby girl to take her first tractor ride.

After baby girl had her round on the tractor, she was sitting in the field in the shade with me. While I was sitting there I was wondering how long my family has been farming. When my dad got there after work we were discussing what generation farmer baby girl would make to our family.

On my dad’s side of the family via my grandma, my great-great grandfather moved to this area from Illinois, his son (my great grandfather), my grandfather, my dad, me, and now baby girl. = 6th Generation farmer. The history before moving to SW Missouri is a bit sketchy. My great-great grandfather fought in the Civil War. He found his way down here moving with the troops, loved the area so much he went home after the war, and moved his family down around here. At the time land was cheap to purchase so he bought 800+ish acres. Since then it has been sold.

Then while Dad and I were talking he said that my great grandma via my grandpa’s side of the family, her father was a farmer, my great grandma (yes grandma) was a farmer, my grandpa, my dad, me and now baby girl is coming into the family as the farmer. That = 6th generation farmer as well.

So either way, you look at it, baby girl has the 6th generation legacy of farming in her blood. And I say that’s a pretty cool fact!

So now it’s time to take you on baby girl’s first tractor ride.

They are in, situated, and they’re off.

I’m not really sure she wanted off the tractor. I collected her in her wagon, snapped a few photos, and then moved her over into the shade of the haybale in the background.

Every trip daddy made past baby girl she’d wave at him so he’d wave right back. She sure loved that tractor.

And there is just something about this picture. I swear it looks like she’s bawling but I have no idea what she was doing. I just loved this picture though so I had to include it.

And that my friends is how we spend a Thursday night around these parts. We’ve had Wednesday nights so… Join us later for Friday nights :).

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