I’m not a Mommy Blogger, I’m a Lifestyle Blogger

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I’m not a mommy blogger… I’m a lifestyle blogger. I think that’s the best niche you can find for me because I blog about my life and maybe even my style sometimes.

This blog post though is about my baby… and she’s part of my lifestyle right now. And I know that I’ll be sad if I forget this moment, so here I am, blogging about my Friday afternoon.

Baby girl laid down for a nap around I don’t know 12ish maybe. She fell asleep on our bed while I was editing some pictures and I decided I was hungry so I got up and went and warmed up some left over Pesto on Mozzarella ravioli pasta. I ate about half of it and then slid it off to the foot of the bed figuring that I’d either put it away later or baby girl would eat it when she woke up. Little did I know I was psychic…

About 1:20 or so I got up to go to the bathroom leaving the baby asleep on the bed. Laptop open. Remote on the bed next to the laptop. Food still at the foot of the bed. Ay yi yi…

I was in the bathroom and I hear the tv change from watching New Year’s Eve to The Talk. Oh crud the baby is up. Then I hear the fork hit the plate… Oh dear, that isn’t going to end well.

Turns out Friday afternoon was the perfect day to wash sheets. We needed clean bedding anyway…

Yes, the baby grabbed a big ravioli covered in Pesto and was walking around the bed eating it. I had pesto all over the remote, the pillows, the sheets, the covers, and the baby. All I could do was laugh my butt off.

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