Wednesday nights: Dinner, Diving & Ice Cream!

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There is a local children’s camp that the dive shop we dive with goes to every Wednesday night for 8 weeks. Last year hubby and I had the pleasure of going and helping Deb & Grady out and we had a lot of fun. This year we discussed it and thought Tbug might have fun helping out as well so we made arrangements to get her every Wednesday night for 8 weeks minus the week she’s on vacation to go help as well.

We meet up at the dive shop on Wednesday nights, usually after giving Dan grief all. day. long. about it being Wednesday as he forgot the first week… We love you Dano! Anyway we meet up at the shop and leave between 5 & 5:30 to head for dinner first. Usually we either eat Wendy’s or Hardee’s. This year it’s been predominately Wendy’s.

And I wanted to write this great post about how we love them and they love us. In fact when we walked in they recognized us as the Wednesday dinner crowd :). But this week, wow they mixed our order up so bad. They haven’t done that since last year… it was crazy. So usually they’re great!

We all pretty much got the same thing, either a Baconator or a Son of a Baconator, fries and a drink. My Son of a Baconator only wound up with 1 patty. Whatever… it was still good. Then I started complaining that I needed a selfie stick again. Hey, my birthday is July 30th, who is sick of hearing about the selfie stick and wants to send me one. ha!

From there it is time to head to the camp and set up. We usually get there about 30 or so minutes early so we have time to set up gear, set up paperwork and be ready for the boys (every other week) or the girls (the opposite weeks). Their ages typically range between 10 and 15 but most of them we’ve spoken with have been 11-13. They are from localish area schools and it is a ranch to help get them on the right track.

On Wednesday nights they earn the right to try scuba diving. That’s where we come in. They get to breath off regulators, have a tank on their back and swim the length of the pool. The pool is only 5 -6ish feet deep so most of them if they get in trouble can stand up. We have 4-7ish of us in the pool at all times plus a couple up on the surface. Then there are also counselors and life guards on the surface so it’s a very safe confined area for them to try it and feel comfortable. Plus the best place to try is in a pool so that you can see. The lake is a little murky.

We hate to have to discipline these groups but we’re not afraid to get on to them if we have to. Dan, Doug and I got the nickname Enforcers last year because of how many we had to get on to. Dang! Tbug, Doug, Hubby and a few others gear up in full scuba gear to assist Doug in the water.

It’s so great to see their faces when they have fun and they come up to us at the end of the night with a grin and thank us. It’s also great when they remember us from previous years. Tbug is their age so they really like to see and talk to someone their age about scuba diving and she’s easy to approach being their age. So it’s really just a great experience all the way around. Plus this has given Tbug the extra needed feel good to feel comfortable under the water with her diving skills.

And I always love the sign that says no diving and we are. Although it means the jumping in head first you’d do off a diving board, not scuba diving, but I still love how ironic it is :).

Wednesday night I don’t know if they had a small amount of kids or what but we got done earlier than normal. That meant we got ice cream earlier than normal too!

Normally I get a mini Cookie Dough Blizzard but thought I’d try something different, especially since Tbug was teasing me so I went for a mini Snickers Blizzard. I want the Cookie Dough next time! Tbug and hubby and a couple others got small Brownie Bite Blizzards. Dan wanted a Banana split but they were out of bananas. shucks!

Dan said he was sitting with all his friends. lol. I documented it just for him.

As we were leaving DQ we saw this gorgeous set of clouds off to the east. Driving back to the shop we wondered if there was lightning. There was.

When we got back to the shop, Dan checked an app on his phone that said it was 23 miles off to our east. Driving off to my parents house it was weird to watch this storm unfold. but it never hit us.

And that was and is our Wednesday nights!

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