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We’ve learned that I am not a fashion blogger.  But even for not being a fashion blogger, sometimes it’s fun to take pictures and believe I am one.  I ran out of the house with my cell phone and handed it to my husband, here take my picture please?

I’m thinking that models and fashion bloggers don’t go around sporting the nice “Farmer’s Tan”, but that’s just the way I role.  I worked hard for that tan.  In fact, later that afternoon I worked on a second set of tan lines with this shirt.  Later that day we were headed to the hayfield to pick up 135ish bales of Alfalfa hay.  Boy it was a hot day.  I think I sweat more this last weekend than I have in the last month combined.  It’s been extremely humid.  And a lot of people say, don’t you live in Southwest Missouri?  What do you know about humidity?  Let me tell ya something, we get our fair share by far.  It’s absolutely crazy!

Today there is a 50% chance of rain.  I’m wondering what it will do… Tuesday night there was like a 30% chance.  I guess it poured up on the square at the North end of town but at the ball fields at the south end of town it spit sprinkles here and there.  Once all ball games were over it picked up a bit but never poured like the North end of town received.  And I promise, our town isn’t all that large.

And every post needs a Photobomber, right?  Marlie just wanted her few minutes of fame.

if anyone is interested in knowing what I’m wearing…

//American Eagle jeans//Justin Boots Flip Flops {similar}//Old Navy Tank top//Montana West Belt//Belt Buckle I won showing horses//Wedding band – From hubs!//
So there we have it.  My attempt at being a fashion blogger again.  Not great, but whatever.  Practice makes perfect right?  We’ll stick with that and hope that it at least gets better someday, right??  
Typically I’m not crazy about Thursday’s, I know they are the day before Friday but they are usually the longest day of the week in my opinion.  But today, I have fun things planned so maybe it won’t be so bad?  Next week this time Tbug will have been with us for a whole day.  She’s spending extra days with us this week.  Happy Thursday!

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5 thoughts on “Take Two – Fashion Blogger…

  1. Ah, lucky you guys getting some heat & humidity… I'm starting to wonder if we're EVER going to get summer. (But trust me, the sod farmers around here are happy with the cooler, more rainy weather! haha!)

    You look great, Nicole 🙂

  2. Ha Ha- I'm totally NOT a fashion blogger either but I'm totally guilty of taking outfit pics sometimes. It's just fun!

  3. I just wear a tank top all summer then I don't get a farmers tan. haha. I love those flip flops I was thinking about getting some but I just… Yeah haha

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