Our Valentine’s Day

Here while back I started thinking about Valentine’s Day and wondering what to get hubby. When I asked him what he wanted, his response was a quart of Thank You Cherry Much Ice Cream and the ability to eat the whole thing and not feel guilty. I laughed so hard, but he was serious.

Then I got to thinking about it and decided that he needed a receiver hitch in his truck. I have one in mine, but my dad’s got stolen when his truck was in the shop getting worked on, so dad had to borrow mine. It made me realize that we needed another one at least so I decided to get him one like the picture above. This way he had 3 different sizes, versus mine 1 size. My one will haul our flat bed trailer but if it is bigger or smaller than what was on my truck (and don’t ask me what size I have) we’d have been screwed, so I decided to get him the 3.


Valentine’s Day Weekend

It was a Valentine’s Day weekend. Now… if you know, the hubs proposed to me on the 12th of February 6 years ago, so it usually turns into a multi day thing. That’s just how it is. And 6 years ago when he proposed, it was on a Friday and Valentine’s Day was on a Sunday. That weekend however we found ourselves in Branson at a Cheerleading competition.

Anyway this year Valentine’s Day weekend started off with lunch with my dad and my husband followed by coming home to a present 🙂


Valentine’s Day Part 2

Once we left BassPro hubby and I took off separately from our friends. Hubby wanted to see American Sniper in theaters. Very seldom does he have a movie he just WANTS to see in theater but this was one and we had an opportunity so we took it. OMG! That is one heck of a movie!

Then we went and wandered around the mall for a bit and finally headed to dinner.

Hubby was able to get us reservations at Houlihan’s. Our first time at eating at Houlihan’s was last year when we went on our “babymoon” to Kansas City.

this picture found here

Because we ate at the one in KC, we kind of knew what we wanted already. We started with an appetizer of Classic Spinach Dip. with cheesy lavosh crackers. It was just as good as I remember. ah!


Him & Her {Sappy Week Continues}

It must be the fact that today is Valentine’s Day or Wednesday was 4 years since my husband proposed to me or I’m not sure but I’ve been extremely sappy this week. Sorry! Maybe I’ll straighten up next week, but I wouldn’t totally count on it :).

Earlier this week I was reading Kenzie’s blog and then Emmy’s blog (she stole it from Kenzie, I know, she said so :)) and they did a him vs her post and so now like I told Kenzie earlier this week, I’m stealing this and doing my own. So our version of Him vs Her will now commence:

him: New Balance tennis shoes or my Ostrich Boots || her: Either my Macie Bean boots, my Ariat Fat Babies or my Sperry’s


Valentine's Day

He never ceases to amaze me.  He had me believing that I wouldn’t get flowers this year, just like he had me believing he couldn’t propose yet (3 years ago).  And I had made my peace with it even though I might have been a bit sad…

Then he came through!

This boy knocks my socks off every day of my life 🙂

Then he was going to take me out to dinner, but I preferred to stay home and just hang out with him.  We debated what we’d have for dinner and decided in the end I’d pick up Chinese.  I had Cashew Chicken and he had General Tso Chicken.

And you remember how I told you to add “In Bed” to the end of your fortunes.  I laughed because this one so worked 🙂

Happy Monday!

Happy Valentine's Day my Friends!!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ve been trying to decide what to post.  And, maybe what better than the story that got my husband to where we are today…

Some of you who have been around for a while know the story, but for those of you who are newer, sure you can read the shortened version up in the tabs, which maybe that’s what you should do.  Especially if you want to see husbands side of this here story.

The summer after we were engaged, crazy me got struck with the idea of writing our story and well, it’s kind of like a chapter book, seriously.  It’s a lot more in depth than the “shortened” version by far.  Truthfully it’s probably pretty boring and I can’t guarantee how bad the writing is…. but if you’d like something to give you a good nights sleep, start by reading chapter one, you won’t make it far, I’m sure :).  Just promise me you won’t drool on your computer.  Computers DON’T like drool or any form of liquid… just sayin.

I stopped off with the engagement.  Dang I forgot how many installments I actually made.  Apparently I had no life or something… but as it came to me I wrote.  Someday I should really sit down and try to remember the details of everything leading up to the wedding date itself. 
I hope you have a wonderful and safe Valentine’s Day!  Anyone have any big plans?!?!

ReRico’s Brazilian Steakhouse – Springfield, MO

Last week hubby and I discussed what we were going to do this weekend.  Eventually he asked if I would go to ReRico Brazilian Grill with him in Springfield.  He’s been wanting to try a Brazilian Steakhouse out and he found this one.  I just so happened to find a groupon the day before for this steakhouse.  So we decided to make reservations (so glad we did) and head up for a fun day of togetherness.

Our reservations were for 6:30 but by about 6 we’d exhausted all of what we wanted to do so we headed to the restaurant early.  They were busy by 6 and said they really couldn’t get us in until closer to our reservation, no problem.

We were standing close to the hostess station and in the 30 minutes we were there the wait time (without reservations) went from 25 minutes to an hour wait.  The lobby was packed!  That to me was a sign this place might be good.  The gentleman standing next to me asked if it was always packed or if it was packed because Valentine’s Day was coming up this week, but sadly I didn’t know.

6:30 on the spot, they called our name and we had a table.  So you come in and they take your drink order, we both went with Sweet Tea, although trying one of the many Brazilian style drinks could have been fun too.  Then they ask if you’ve dined with them before.  No, ok well you get your first course, unlimited trips to the salad bar, then when you’re ready you flip from red to green, the waiter brings you a clean plate and the guys with meat come around.  The meat is generally cooked Medium to Medium Rare but if you need more done, they’ll accommodate you.  Plus you get sides and then (not included in price) you have the dessert cart come around.

Warning: Don’t fill up on all the before stuff!


Valentine's + Surprises + Recipes = Oh My

Oy this has been some week!  Luckily we’re on the downhill slide :).  Not that I want to wish my life away or anything!

So I just thought I’d share my Valentine’s Day, not that we did anything grand or spectacular… but still 🙂  Ok don’t make to much fun of some of the photos, the first ones were ALL taken with my cell phone.  It was a lot less obvious than my big camera at work :).

Why what is this?  Oh, it looks like flowers huh?

I opened the box to 2 dozen Purple roses.  Purple my fave!

Yup, that’s my sweetheart!

Are they not gorgeous!  Oh and please ignore my messy desk!  Apparently my desk is a dumping ground some days!

I kept the box to get them home with.  Great transportation right there!  Back when I took my floral class I learned to buckle my flowers in to get them home.  Works great!

Now all morning hubs was trying to play it off like he didn’t get me anything but I got him the wallet. Truth be told, I didn’t care.  I knew better because I know him, but if he didn’t get me anything, that was fine by me.  And I am speaking honestly here!  Not just saying that because I should.  Just sayin!

Next, whatever could this box be?

I saw the blue bag and so thought of Santa’s bag… LOL

Another Awe moment 🙂

One box to another box….

To another box.  I’d have almost sworn he  did this on purpose, but it came from Amazon so I guess they did it…

And whatever could it be?  White plates!

Now at work, try telling people your husband got you white plates for Valentine’s Day.  Trust me, you’ll get some weird, odd, strange looks.  I’m sure people even put him in the “bad” gift giver category and I just laughed.  I told him that’s what I wanted.  Now sadly enough I told my mom the same thing when she asked because I was afraid no one would get me any, so I wound up with 2 sets so mom is taking hers back.  That made me feel bad!

But truthfully, I didn’t want a set.  I really just wanted 1.  Now try doubly hard to explain that one.  I swear I haven’t lost my mind!  Cross my heart!  People at work looked at me strange though!  But I don’t tell them so much that I have a blog.  I just told them I like to photograph food, which gets some even weirder stares.

My kitchen is green & yellow, aka John Deere colors.  My plates are Fiesta Ware Shamrock & Sunshine.  Now I may not always be the best at photographing my finished food product, but when I do, those colors put a weird cast on to my food.  I wanted a white plate because they reflect back.  And I’m not crazy about the round white, I like the square white!

Anyway hubby got me a serving of 16 which is 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 bowls & 4 coffee mugs.  So be prepared to see them.  They probably won’t be exclusively seen, but you’ll see them.  Plus in this picture you’ll notice a large white plate under the smaller.  Mom got me that for Valentine’s Day.  The small dipping bowls and 2 funky square spoons we got while in Texas over the weekend at World Market.

Yes, I think I had a good Valentine’s Day.  Truthfully I didn’t need or want anything!

So then we’d talked about going out to dinner for Valentine’s Day but then met up for lunch instead.  So when hubby asked if I wanted to go out to dinner I told him no.  Save our money and we’ll go home and cook something.  While in Texas at World Market we found the cutest pasta.  It’s in the shape of hearts.  I told him I wanted to make something with Pasta for dinner :).

So we settled for Spaghetti.

Now if you know anything about us, very seldom do we use just store bought sketti (that’s spaghetti) sauce, or if we do, we usually jugge (don’t know how to spell but I can say it… like make it better, add our own twist to it, etc) it up.  Last night was no different.  We actually used store bought sketti (remember spaghetti) sauce and added hamburger, spices, mushrooms, red bell pepper & onion to it, plus a can of crushed tomatoes b/c hubby grabbed the wrong can.  Hey no biggie to me!

Now doesn’t this look scrumptious?

Hey look, it’s a white plate.  And yes, in case you wondered, I washed it :).

Just in to making the sauce I made the comment, wouldn’t bread be good to go with it?  Well we didn’t have any bread b/c we haven’t been keeping any in the house, so I told him I’d make beer bread.  A girl at work gave me the recipe.  4 ingredients.  That’s it!  It did however take an hour to bake, so it just gave the sauce longer to simmer and marinate together!

If you know us, we also don’t drink beer, but we do like to cook with it from time to time.  It’s great in chili or making a pizza crust with some bisquick or in this case, making beer bread.  I hate beer but love beer bread.

Easy Beer Bread

16 oz. beer – not dark ale
3 c. self rising flour
1/3 c. sugar
1 teaspoon salt
Mix all together. Spray pan with non-stick and put in 350 oven for 1 hour.

I feel like we had a fabulous Valentine’s Day Dinner in.  It was a snap even!  No tv on.  No radio on.  We sat at the table and enjoyed each other’s company over great food!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!

Easy Beer Bread

by Nicole
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour
Keywords: bake bread side appetizer self rising flour Beer American
  • 16 oz. beer – not dark ale
  • 3 c. self rising flour
  • 1/3 c. sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
Mix all together.
Spray pan with non-stick and put in 350 oven for 1 hour.
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