Happy Valentine's Day my Friends!!

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In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ve been trying to decide what to post.  And, maybe what better than the story that got my husband to where we are today…

Some of you who have been around for a while know the story, but for those of you who are newer, sure you can read the shortened version up in the tabs, which maybe that’s what you should do.  Especially if you want to see husbands side of this here story.

The summer after we were engaged, crazy me got struck with the idea of writing our story and well, it’s kind of like a chapter book, seriously.  It’s a lot more in depth than the “shortened” version by far.  Truthfully it’s probably pretty boring and I can’t guarantee how bad the writing is…. but if you’d like something to give you a good nights sleep, start by reading chapter one, you won’t make it far, I’m sure :).  Just promise me you won’t drool on your computer.  Computers DON’T like drool or any form of liquid… just sayin.

I stopped off with the engagement.  Dang I forgot how many installments I actually made.  Apparently I had no life or something… but as it came to me I wrote.  Someday I should really sit down and try to remember the details of everything leading up to the wedding date itself. 
I hope you have a wonderful and safe Valentine’s Day!  Anyone have any big plans?!?!

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  1. I remember reading all those posts when I first started following you 🙂 Such a good idea to document it all, you'll be happy you did someday!

  2. Great that you've got your life all chronicled out. You ever think about printing your blog? A gal I read has hers printed every year around christmas kind of as a present to herself.

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