Valentine’s Day Weekend

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It was a Valentine’s Day weekend. Now… if you know, the hubs proposed to me on the 12th of February 6 years ago, so it usually turns into a multi day thing. That’s just how it is. And 6 years ago when he proposed, it was on a Friday and Valentine’s Day was on a Sunday. That weekend however we found ourselves in Branson at a Cheerleading competition.

Anyway this year Valentine’s Day weekend started off with lunch with my dad and my husband followed by coming home to a present 🙂

I had been wanting to try homemade Oreo’s. Well I stumbled across a recipe for Homemade Red Velvet Oreos. It seemed like the perfect time to try making them and Oh YUM!

Then we had to head to get Tbug. We didn’t see her the whole month of January because of Cheerleading so we have her every weekend this month. We decided to grab a bite to eat because cheer doesn’t get done until 9pm so we did click ahead seating at Outback. Wow, that’s awesome. We put our names on the list when we left the house and when we showed up, it was like maybe a 5 minute wait at that.

They had a Valentine’s Day special, a blooming onion, 2 salads (although hubby subbed in French Onion soup), 2 Sirloin steaks (Medium rare!) and a side a piece (Loaded Mashed Potatoes & Broccoli and cheese), and a slice of Cheesecake to share (with chocolate sauce on top).

Now all the way to pick up Tbug, Abug kept repeating Ride, Ride, Ride, Ride. We really did create a monster. The kid loves to ride and we love it! So we went to town Saturday morning with my mom and the girls had lunch at Carinos. Dad and hubby had to haul hay. The girls went back to my parents house and Tbug, Abug and I rode horses. It was soooooo cold so we all had on our insulated bibs which helped.

After we were done riding dad said he’d buy dinner if we wanted to go so we headed to El Charro. Man it seems like I’ve been eating all weekend. oy!

Sunday we had plans. Yup, we actually made reservations at Buca di Beppo in KC. On the way up, we had my phone hooked up playing the music. I got tickled when it said She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy (by Kenny Chesney) was by Gloria Estafan. As I started paying attention, it had a few Kenny Chesney songs by Gloria Estafan. Sure, why not.

Anyway I mentioned Buca di Beppo. Hello yum! We had stuffed mushrooms to start. We’d never had them before. Oh they were awesome. Then we got Prosciutto stuffed Chicken with a side of Fettuccine Alfredo and for dessert Tiramisu. OMG the food was awesome. Thank goodness we had reservations because we definitely wouldn’t have gotten in, they were booked solid. The service wasn’t bad although we waited a long time on our dessert, but it was a busy day so I guess we’ll let it slide this time :).

Afterwards we headed to the Farmer’s Market. Then to Ikea. I soooo have been wanting to go to Ikea for ages and we finally went. That place is friggin huge! Oh and I documented our first trip to Ikea with a picture :).

I found this sink. I want this sink. That’s all :). Luckily it was out of stock so I wasn’t even remotely tempted, although I wouldn’t have bought it anyway. We did get Abug a stool for the kitchen so she can get up to the kitchen counter easily. Oh and the way that the carts go down, how friggin cool. Seriously. Ikea is awesome and HUGE!

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