Open Mouth – Insert Foot and Other Garble

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1.  Do you ever have those moments when you feel like OH CRAP I said that?

Wednesday night we had dinner at Perky & Earl’s and I found out that you could buy cookies in packages.  One came with food coloring markers, the other came with icing and they were ready for decorating.  I blurted out “You bought those, seriously?”  Ok I meant it as holy cow that’s awesome, I didn’t know you could do such a thing… but everyone involved in that conversation thought I was making fun of Earl for buying such a thing as opposed to making them.  Ugh!

So let’s state for the record, I thought it was friggin cool and I’m ready to buy some for Tbug next time she’s over so she can join in on the fun!!!

2.  Wednesday I went and bought us a new office chair.  My mom went with me and volunteered to drive since she had a back seat with my dad’s truck and I was driving my hubby’s which is just a single cab.  It looked like rain even though it was a 30% chance so she said, “better be safe than sorry.”  We got back to work just before 1pm and at 1:16 it let loose and POURED like a cow peeing on a flat rock.  Hmm… good thing the chair was sitting in the backseat of dad’s truck instead of the bed of hubbys!

3.  Last weekend I went and shot pictures of a steer riding event.  It rained.  I got to stand huddled under a huge umbrella to shoot photos.  Thanks dad for holding the umbrella!!  So I got an alert from’s app that said we were in a severe thunderstorm warning until 8pm.  It was 7:45 when it blew in.  Everyone went to seek cover and didn’t tell us, so dad and I were like screw this and took off for the grand stand.  I was soaked from my butt cheeks to my feet, but my camera wasn’t harmed!

4.  So I heard yesterday that Google Reader is going away.  Is that true?  What am I going to do to keep up with all the blogs I follow?  Please someone verify &/or help me!!!

5.  I get teased for all the bags I drag to work with me on any normal given day.  Laptop bag, camera bag, purse.  I weighed it all one day to see how much extra weight I was carrying… dun dun dun…. 30 lbs.  Holy crap!  This week I haven’t been dragging all of that for different reasons… Wow I can get in and out of the building faster!

6.  So I had a Proud Mommy Moment to share this week but never got around to uploading the photos/video so I guess that will have to wait until next week.  I know, mean right. ha!

7.  It also involves my nephew, which is weird to hear me say… He’s always been my husband’s nephew but when you think about it… I’m married to my husband so he’s my nephew too.  Boy there is a huge adjustment period when you get married… apparently 2 years and counting.  Things sneak up on me all the time.

8.  I always said I wanted nieces and nephews and I would have to marry a guy with siblings so I could have that.  I dated an only child once, and I’m an only child.  Wow, we wouldn’t have been an aunt or uncle in that case… but my nephew now doesn’t call me Aunt Nicole so I guess that’s why I never really thought about being his aunt.  What can I say, I’m weird.

9.  My husband gets mad at me sometimes because of how tight with money I am.  I might find something for $2 even that I’d really like but I refuse to buy because I think either A) What could I get for that $2 that would be more beneficial, B) I really don’t need that even though I’d like it, C) That’s a lot of money, D) I don’t need everything I see, and many many more things.  He gets annoyed with my thinking but heck, $2 here and $2 there adds up real fast…  So Friday night I found some pencils I wanted.  I love office supplies.  He told me to get them.  But I was like how often do I write with a pencil?  I think it was 2 pencils for $2 and change or something… and I refused to get them.  Look what I have though…

10. It’s Friday!  Happy Friday all!

11.  Update: I’m linking up here

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  1. I am cheap too! And Wade's neices amd nephews dont call me Aunt Doti which has always really bothered me. Oh well and I am sure that Earl didn't think u were being meam

  2. I hope Google Reader isn't going away! I don't know what I'd do without it!

    They always tease me at work about coming in like a pack-horse, weighed down with all my bags. lol!

    And I am the queen of foot-in-mouth comments… I can hear myself saying the exact same thing, and being misunderstood in the exact same way!!

  3. Whaaa? Where'd you hear that about google reader?? *off to google it myself*.

    PS – those coloring cookies DO look awesome!

  4. Oh that would suck if they got rid of google reader, I just found it like 2 months ago. Before that I had all of the blogs saved in my bookmarks and I would go through each one! I hope I don't have to go back to that. Let me know if you find out for sure, or what you plan on doing.

  5. I'm clueless about Google too, but have heard the rumors.

    You should send Earl a link, or pictures, or give him cookies, lol. I'm your newest follower… on Google, hahaha

  6. I'm mystified? Where have I been that I don't know what google reader is?

    Cute cookie idea thing tho. Be great for those occasions when you don't have the energy/time to make them.

    30lbs of equipment! Holy cow! That's a lot to lug around.

    The nephew thing I totally understand. He doesn't call you Auntie so it's hard to get around to the idea you are now related lol

    How'd the new office chair work out? I know for me spending eight hrs a day parked on my arse a good chair is a must.

    I'm cheap as well.. Just last night I dithered about spending 1.97 on myself for new lip gloss. I actually broke down and got it – surprised myself 🙂

  7. I am always putting my foot in my mouth, and have gotten myself into some pretty sticky situations that way. I don't just do it a little bit, I go all out. I really don't mean to.. I just don't think before I speak. I like to be just as surprised as everyone else! Haha (:
    Glad the office chair didn't get soaked, as well as the camera! Sounds like it is really rainy there right now haha!
    Awesome cookies, btw!

  8. I don't even use google reader. I go through my email and just comment back on the blogs that comment on mine. When I had less comments, I would just go through my blogroll! I think it's dumb that they are getting rid of it…Doesn't make sense.

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