Valentine’s Day weekend

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I love how people ask if I got my ring as an early Valentine’s Day present. Nope, I got a fridge :). I told him he wasn’t allowed to give me one on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, my birthday, basically no big holiday! So Friday was National Safety Pup Day and Lincoln’s Birthday. I’ll always know it as Nicole got engaged day… haha.

Over the weekend we headed to Branson for Tbug’s Cheerleading competition. They placed 3rd!! This set up was so much better than Tulsa (held at Union High School) ever thought about being. We haven’t been to the 2 other Tulsa setups but the one we went to, we were in the nose bleed section (so was everyone), all seats were far from the girls performing so forget about pictures unless you have a telephoto lens, which I didn’t. All the girls look like blurs in my photos. I was so disappointed. At Branson the stage was about shoulder height on me, the judges were set up about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way back and they were on platforms also so parents could get right up in front of the stage. I got some awesome pictures of the girls!

I was happy, I got some closer up shots of her!!!!

And it looked like she got featured quite a bit!!

She got to do summer salts down the middle

Top of the pyramid

All I can say is OUCH!!

This reminds me of a Ballet move that I never could do

Cute little stinker!

Cartwheels all across the front of the stage

This was the end!

We got her a cute pink box with chocolates & chapstick for Valentine’s Day

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