Irie’s & Ya Ya’s – Oxford, MS

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On the last night we were in Oxford visiting Faulkner’s old stomping grounds, some of the group wanted to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. I on the other hand thought that we have one of those at home, come on, let’s find some place that isn’t at home so I found a friend and we went to Irie’s up on the square. Sorry this picture is blurry, I didn’t realize it was until now…

I can’t tell you enough about the sweet tea. Seriously… everyone said that sweet tea is sooooo super sweet in the south but I thought it was great. Don’t tell my doctor, I was told to cut back on the sweets…..

Grilled shrimp with 2 sides. Sides were baked beans and fries. Hello yum, right? The shrimp was wrapped in bacon. Makes it even better!

I on the other hand went with a Fried Green Tomato Burger with Bacon! Mine came with 1 side… Fries. Now there was a huge list of toppings for the fries so I went with bacon and Ranch dressing because, I mean why not? Um… YUM! a Fried Green Tomato on top of a burger, yum!

After dinner, we had to get FroYo! Say what? Yup, all day long I kept saying I wanted ice cream so I made it a point to get some… or Froyo… whatever. Ya Ya’s to the Rescue.

These were the flavors they had on that particular day. I went with Cherry Amaretto.

You walk in, grab a cup, fill it up with the froyo you want, add toppings and then purchase by weight.

With some strawberries on top. The other is Cheesecake.

Mmmm… what a great ending to the dinner! Oh and the Cherry Amaretto, AWESOME!

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