Hardee’s – Metropolis, IL

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On Sunday morning of our Mermet Springs trip we decided to go grab breakfast at Hardee’s before heading to Mermet Springs.

I loved their wall, this town is TOTALLY based around Superman, but come on, it’s Metropolis, IL!

LL went through before all of us and he wound up with a coupon for 2 Ultimate Breakfast Sandwiches for the price of one, so hubby and Diver girl decided that they’d do that.

Diver Girl really liked it :).

I had a hankerin for a Chicken Biscuit.  I absolutely LOVE Hardee’s biscuits and the chicken was fabulous too.  Not a let down here at all!

And I figured since we were on vacation, I’d get a Coke while I was at it.  I really wanted Cherry Coke but it wasn’t working, awe, sad day!

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