Mermet Springs 2016

There’s a story, of a trip to Mermet… oh wait, that was last year’s theme song. There actually wasn’t a theme song this year… more of a quote… but I’m not putting that out there!

It’s the yearly trek to Mermet Springs over in Metropolis Illinois. Last year on our way we found an Italian Restaurant we wanted to eat at. Turns out we’d have had to wait for 4 hours. This year, we made reservations and trust me, it was worth it. Italian Grill on Broadway. After dinner we went down to the Ohio River shore which was like 8 blocks or so. The weather was perfect for an outing like this. And our friends John and Nelda met us for dinner and our walk to the shore.

Down at the shore there were all these murals on the wall giving the history of Paducah. I wish I’d have had time to read them all!


Where to Eat in Metropolis, Illinois

Hello, welcome to the guide on where to eat, or maybe not eat depending, in Metropolis, Illinois. Now Metropolis is the home of Superman, but I’m not sure if this is the actual town that the show/movie was filmed in… but it’s Metropolis, Illinois, none the less.

First off, El Tequila. After diving at Mermet Springs all day on Friday, we were trying to decide where to go for dinner. Mark and Jared asked Glenn, the owner of Mermet Springs for suggestions and he said El Tequila in Metropolis. If that’s a suggestion, of course we’ll take it! It had a 4 out of 5 stars on Trip advisor, so that’s good, right?


One last Mermet Springs Post

Let’s get through Mermet Springs (Day 1, Day 2), what do you say? So what I’m telling you is… we’re going to have pictures GALORE! Just know, you’ve been warned!

Friday morning as we were headed out to Mermet Springs from Metropolis we passed by Hardee’s. Jared mentioned it so Saturday morning we decided to grab breakfast there before heading to dive. Have you had their Pork Chop Breakfast Sandwich? Oh goodness, you’re in for a treat with this one… no joke!

One thing I’ve learned about the group at Mermet Springs is they’re out to help make sure you have an enjoyable dive as well as an enjoyable trip. I even got an interview with the owner for the Scuba Blog I write. I got the back story on how they got the Boeing 727 from the movie bought as well as how they got it into the quarry for people to dive in. Pretty sweet story, really! Now the little ol’ man who has sat on the dock the last 3 years now is adorable.


Food, Scuba Diving, Friends and Fun

Now the hotel has a continental breakfast but we decided not to eat there. Instead we decided to go back across the river to Paducah and eat at Cracker Barrel.

They gave Abug a kids menu. She ate the Crayons and Karen and I tried to color on it some. Do you see a theme here. ha!

After we ate we wandered through the store. I saw this sign and totally started laughing. This is definitely a sign for me. ha! I also found a Mr. & Mrs. Santa Clause Salt and Pepper shaker for $.99 a piece. I bought them. I’ll have to tell you that story some time.


Here’s a Story of a Trip to Mermet

Put the title to the theme of the Brady Bunch tune!

Yes, yes I just said that.

Last Thursday after I got out of class, we had plans to meet up with some friends and head to Mermet Springs for a weekend of scuba diving.

When I left the school I was supposed to be reading/listening to The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne and all I could do was sing the Brady Bunch Theme Song.

When I got to Jared and Karen’s house, I mentioned that and the rest of the weekend, EVERYONE was singing it. We met up with a bunch of friends at Mermet Springs (Metropolis, IL) and they got involved singing it. Craziness!

Half of the larger group left different times on Thursday, the rest left on Friday. We left around 11:30 so we didn’t have to haul tail to get there.

Once we got to Springfield, everyone in our truck (there were 6 of us… Hubby, Jared, Karen, Memaw, Abug, and me) was hungry. I started listing different restaurants we could eat at. Eventually we chose Red Robin, YUMMMMMM! 🙂

Now our trip was 6ish hours and I drank at least 2 glasses of Sweet Tea. Not my smartest move :).

Now unless people are just meeting me for the first time, they’ve learned that I take pictures of everything. But I tried not to get on people’s nerves this trip so I mainly just stuck to pictures of my food and/or hubby’s food. I just try not to annoy people too much. Just because I like blogging and pictures doesn’t mean others do… (more…)

Day 2 & 3 – Chicago & ChiSox Restaurant

So thanks for indulging me. My wifey is better at this blogging than I am. She’s wordier.

They fed us breakfast (everyday) but I didn’t take pictures of it.

Tuesday was Cinco de Mayo so they fed us Mexican. You’re looking at it. (Tamale’s, corn, chips & salsa, rice)

This was a really cool waterfall behind the McCormick Center. It’s out facing Lake Michigan.

And here’s Lake Michigan. Pretty much every day we were there the weather looked like this.

Wifey told me about Starbucks Frappachino deal May 1-10. The McCormick center had 2 Starbucks so I thought I’d go indulge. Yeah, I got there before 3. Oh well… I still got something.


Day 1 & Weber Grill Restaurant

If there’s one thing I’ve learned being married to my wife for close to 5 years, if I don’t take pictures she’ll disown me. And now she’s making me blog. Yup. {He knows me so well :)}

So if you haven’t gathered, the conference was in Chicago at the McCormick Place Conference Center. They fed us breakfast.

Then we got to stand in line to go to the Keynote address.