Day 2 & 3 – Chicago & ChiSox Restaurant

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So thanks for indulging me. My wifey is better at this blogging than I am. She’s wordier.

They fed us breakfast (everyday) but I didn’t take pictures of it.

Tuesday was Cinco de Mayo so they fed us Mexican. You’re looking at it. (Tamale’s, corn, chips & salsa, rice)

This was a really cool waterfall behind the McCormick Center. It’s out facing Lake Michigan.

And here’s Lake Michigan. Pretty much every day we were there the weather looked like this.

Wifey told me about Starbucks Frappachino deal May 1-10. The McCormick center had 2 Starbucks so I thought I’d go indulge. Yeah, I got there before 3. Oh well… I still got something.

That night we went to dinner. I didn’t take pictures. It wasn’t all that good. But I did get this shot of the skyline because it was cool. Look at the fog around the buildings.

Wednesday’s lunch

Austin Powers made an appearance.

Wednesday night we went to a Chicago White Sox versus Detroit Tigers baseball game. We ate at the restaurant at the stadium. The food was excellent. Funny story… I accidentally dropped my drink down my leg and into my shoe. Then I got to sit through a 58˚F baseball game with wet jeans and socks.

I got the Chopped Brisket Cheesesteak Sandwich. Hello yum it was good.

And that would be a wrap for day 2 & 3.

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