Breakfast at Hardee’s

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Two weekends in a row Tbug has been with us on a Sunday morning.  And oddly enough both Sunday mornings we ate breakfast at Hardees.  It was on our way to where we were going both days.  Please don’t tell my diet about this!

Last weekend Tbug got the Biscuits & Gravy. Truthfully you can’t go wrong with a good biscuit & gravy and I swear out of all the places I’ve tried them, Hardees has to be my absolute favorite.  Why I didn’t get this, I still keep asking myself!  Don’t worry though, I cut it up for her and then stole a bite.  Tried to convince her it wasn’t any good and I just needed to eat it myself ;).

Hubby went with the ultimate loaded biscuit.  It had bacon, sausage, ham, (canadian bacon even maybe… I’m not sure), cheese and egg.  Again, you can’t go wrong with their biscuits!  I absolutely love them and sooooo want the recipe!

Now I went with the Frisco Breakfast Sandwich.

Egg, Ham, cheese on Sourdough.  It’s good, but I’m telling you the Frisco Burger is way better.  This wasn’t bad though.  The sourdough is awesome, the cheese and egg.  In my opinion, it needs the bacon.  I love bacon, what can I say?

Now if someone would just share how to make a Hardees biscuit I’d be set for life!  And when we went back this last weekend, I made sure to get a biscuit!! 🙂

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