The Shack: Breakfast

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Hubby and I were actually able to make it to a Tuesday night dinner up at the shack this week.  It cracks me up because the theme was Breakfast which was what the theme for our Sunday Night Dinner was.  Great Minds think a like.  There was some fabulous food there too I must say!

These biscuits were out of this world good.  Supposedly there was heavy cream involved, how can you go wrong there?!?!  Just don’t tell the scales in the morning!

I can’t remember if my Sister in law brought this or her mother in law made this but YUM!  That’s all!

My mother-in-law made cinnamon rolls.  One side (I think the left) were chocolate and the other were regular.

And then we had another breakfast casserole that either my SIL or her MIL brought.

And NO dinner is complete without a singing/walking turtle!  Heck yeah!  We know how to bring it here in MO!

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