Christmas Cookie Sugar High

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Classic phrases said in this wonderful round of cooking in my kitchen…:

  • Should we put this dough in the oven so that it can chill?
  • Can we put this dough in the microwave so it can chill?
  • At my house we have a bad habit of leaving the dishwasher door open if we’re loading it a lot. Memaw walked into the door. Memaw: Ouch. Me: Memaw, there’s a dishwasher there. Memaw: really?
  • Want to put that in the oven? (referring to a box that should go in the fireplace/stove)
  • Tbug: You’re just like grandma. I better get back before I get kicked.
  • Husband: I know you’re busy and all but can you make out a list of receivers of the cookies so we can start bagging them up? Me: yup. 10 minutes later. Husband Did you make me a list. Me: For what? Husband: The cookies. Me: No I forgot.
  • Husband: Get the dough out of the fridge for the gingerbread house. Tbug gets it out. Husband: No the other stuff, the full stuff. She put the small one back in the fridge and walked off. Husband: Where’s the dough. Tbug: Oh I forgot.
  • So years ago my MIL got called my husband’s grandma. Well this weekend my husband got called my MIL’s father by none other than mwa
  • Husband put his elbow in a cookie and smashed it.

Cookies made at our house this weekend:

And that was how our weekend before Christmas was spent. Well Sunday we delivered cookies but nothing real funny happened there, we finally came down off of our sugar high.

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