Revolt & PMM All in One!

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Last Friday night we picked Tbug up from cheer practice and then ran to the store looking for heavier weights.  I’ve been doing this Revolt Fitness workout and so far all I had were 5lb weights.  That will get you a little feeling but some of the workouts I felt like I needed some heavier weights so we went for 10lb weights.  I also wanted a Kettlebell but they didn’t have 2 in the same weight class.  shucks!

Anyway then I went home and told Tbug to take a shower while I got started on my workout (I didn’t tell her that though).  So I went on about my workout and when she got out of the shower I was in the middle of doing pushups and she joined in with me.  Then a few minutes later she ran to her room and put on some workout clothes and then continued doing the workout with me.

I had a cute and fun workout buddy.  And I’m not gonna lie, she showed me up on a few of the exercises.  Ah to be a kid again!

And after the workout she put all my weights up for me, lined them up in a row.  How cute!

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  1. How awesome! Totally how it should be– use leading by example and kids just jumping in because it looks fun; it shouldn't be a chore but something that is fun to do.
    Thanks so much for linking up

  2. 10 lb weights! Are you kidding! What exactly are you doing heaving those babys?!?! All I can picture is doing punches with them?! Holy cow you are strong lol

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