The Old Spaghetti Factory – St. Louis, MO

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So after we went up into the Arch, we decided to go down to Laclede’s Landing which was right there in the same area as the Arch.  Once we got down there, we found a map of all the eating places.  Hubby asked me what I wanted and when I saw The Old Spaghetti Factory, I knew that’s what I wanted.  We headed toward the building it was in and had a difficult time figuring out how to enter the restaurant.  By the way, you enter through the alley on the backside of the building between 1st and 2nd street.

Once you’re in the building, you go down this gorgeous staircase to the basement of the building.

What can I say?  I love Italian and so that’s part of the reason I chose this restaurant.

Well Hello 🙂

I’ve never heard of Mizithra Cheese so I was intrigued.

With our entree, we got the option of soup or salad.  The only soup they have is Minestrone so hubby and I both went for the salad with their house ranch.  The waiter said that it was a special type of Ranch that was kind of a cross between regular Ranch and Pesto.  I was sold and I can’t even begin to tell you how yummy this Ranch was, especially since I claim myself as somewhat of a Ranch Connoisseur.

Hubby ordered an order of Fried Ravioli as an appetizer.  They were nicely fried and the marinara sauce was a good pair although I dipped them in some of my Pesto Ranch which was also a good choice.

The bread was ok, nothing outstanding in my opinion, but with all the other excellent food, you didn’t need the bread.  Wow, am I feeling ok?  I am the carb/bread lover!

Hubby got the Premier #1 which was a combination of their classic lasagna and Chicken Marsala.

Me: What did you think of the lasagna?
Hubby: The lasagna was good.
Me: Could you be a bit more descriptive?
Hubby: The lasagna was really good.
Me: grrrr
Hubby: Am I on Food Network Star?

The Lasagna was really good.  It had a unique flavor and could definitely taste the sausage flavor to it.  The Lasagna was extremely good.  The Chicken Marsala was excellent.   The flavors married together nicely and hubby said he thinks he almost liked it better than the Lasagna.

I ordered Mizithra Cheese & Browned Butter pasta.  Mizithra cheese is a traditional, unpasteurized cheese made with milk and whey from sheep and/or goats.  This pasta said it was for the cheese lover so I thought I’d give it a go.  The only thing I wish I could have changed was to add a little grilled chicken to it, otherwise, it was extremely good.

This was a great restaurant and a good choice on my part.

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