My Colored Glasses

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A couple months ago my {step}daughter was cleaning her room and she came out carrying this card.  She asked me why my card happened to be in her room.  I wasn’t sure what she was talking about so she handed the card to me.

Yes obviously this card was for me.  But I couldn’t quite remember this card so I opened it up.

Still no clue so I read the other side.

Awe, my buddy Wilma.  And did you notice she gave this to me in 1996?  I have no idea how this card wound up in her room, but my grandma’s cousin who went to South Carolina with us in 1995 always talked about her, “Colored Glasses,” aka sunglasses.  This card brought back such fun memories.

Oh by the way, today is my 29th birthday.  Oy I’m getting old!  And guess what, it’s my grandma’s 80th Birthday.  Yup, I was born on my grandma’s 51st birthday.

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