Chiefs vs the Chargers

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I swear there are days we need our heads examined. Noon game and we were up at 4 to head to Kansas City so we could tailgate. Oy! Seriously, check our heads!

Our tailgating food was breakfast. Bacon, eggs, pancakes, fruit, birthday cake. Yes, I said Birthday cake although we didn’t really eat that until after the game, but that’s a story for later….

Well part of the story now. So Nancy is one of our Tailgating friends as well as a Red Coater. Her birthday was on Friday (9/9) so we celebrated with Cake.

Danielle made the little banners for her. And if you’ll notice on the backside… all rival teams.

Supposedly they’re supposed to stay out of social media, but I took their picture anyway and they made my blog. They’re now blog famous for what it’s worth!

We missed our turn for the parking lot so wound up tailgating in a different parking lot. That being said, we caught a couple cheerleaders walking around so I took the girls over to get their picture taken with them.

We went and walked through the Pro Shop and then headed into the stadium.

Now there’s a lot of bad hype right now around the NFL and football and players, but I’d like to point out that our Kansas City Chiefs and the San Diego Chargers were extremely professional and honoring in the ceremonies. I would also like to point out that there was a huge pregame show due to the first home game being on 9/11. The flag, Trace Adkins sang the anthem, the stealth bomber flew over, and a recording from the president played on the Jumbotron. (I also saw that at the Dallas Cowboys Game George W and his wife Laura made an appearance and video on the Jumbotron) That shows that this was taken seriously and NFL isn’t nearly as bad as the press is trying to make them out right now. rant over :).

So within the first like 3-4 minutes of the game, there was a 3 point field goal kicked for the Chiefs. It looked like it might be a good game. Then for the next 4 quarters the most excitement we saw until the last 6 minutes of the game was the popcorn (which was good) and the fight that almost broke out either the end of 3rd quarter or the beginning of 4th quarter in our section of the stadium. The refs called a lot of weird calls and our team couldn’t get their head out of the butt. Then, the last 6 minutes of the game, something changed and we started making a comeback. We tied it up with 1 minute or so left on the clock and after the officials described what would happen for a potential overtime, we went into a 5th quarter to Win the game!!! And this picture is before halftime so I gave away the ending… lol.

Halftime show was a salute to emergency response, fire, ems, police. Plus they had the Navy Seals Leap Frog Parachute team made an appearance

So I didn’t know this, but I guess up in the stadium, Nancy was told that if the Chiefs won she would wind up with cake in the face. They held true to their words too…

The final score was 33-27 in favor of the Chiefs!

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