It was a Conspiracy….

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Yup, it was a conspiracy and I was involved. In fact, I may or may not have been the original culprit and recruited helpers. What exactly did I do? Well…. this….

Sunday I “broke” into Jared and Karen’s house… and I use the word “broke” loosely because I had permission, even if it wasn’t theirs… and I decorated their house for Christmas. I know Jared’s work schedule and I had Deb pry to find out when Karen would be at work this particular Sunday, then I got helpers and we went and made Christmas throw up in their house.

Hey, Karen challenged me about a month ago, so I blame her really 😁. I then got it in my head that I was going to go decorate their house. Once a couple people heard about it, they wanted to join in. I took all the help I could get. That way if Jared and Karen got mad at me, they could be mad at multiple people.

So leading up to the week of Thanksgiving I started getting cold feet. I didn’t want to make anyone mad at me. I was worried. I almost backed out in fact. Luckily all my helpers (aka hubby and Jody and Deb and mom) wouldn’t let me. They said this was a good thing. So we met up on Sunday and decorated Jared and Karen’s house for them.

Karen likes blue and I heard Jared does too, so we went with a blue themed Christmas tree with sprinkles of silver and green just for added color. I thought it would be fun to wrap empty boxes and place Christmas lights in the boxes for added color/decoration. We went to Hobby Lobby in search of inspiration for a wreath and I absolutely adore the wreath on the front door. I went to the dollar store and bought cheap wine glasses to create a table center piece and stockings for the pooches and kitty. The stockings for J&K while a little smaller are a lot more classier. The Santa hat on the tv was taken from a drinking game (every time someone’s head looks like it’s wearing the Santa hat you drink). Lights on Karen’s indoor wreath were a last minute thought as was placing green balls in the glass cowboy hat. Hubby wanted to make sure to put lights out on the front of the house. And so, the thought became reality and bam, we decorated their house for them. We even added personalized touches to the Christmas tree in the form of a KC Santa grilling, a Boxer dog, a naughty or nice ornament, and an ornament from where they went to college.

I just hope I didn’t create any enemies because I broke into their house and decorated. I just heard that Jared really loved Christmas and Karen challenged me to decorate, especially with a Christmas tree. So I planned, I conspired, I had helpers, and we executed. Just know, we love you guys and after Christmas I’ll come help clean up 😃

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