10 Things to Smile about November

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I really meant to play along yesterday, but I just was so excited to share the surprise that I had to put this post off until today.

I’m linking up with Emmymom for her 10 things to smile about mem.

Emmy Mom

1.  My favorite thing to kick November off is celebrating hubby’s birthday!  I love my husband immensely and so it’s always great to enjoy and celebrate his birthday and the whole reason he’s in my life!  And you should totally check out his hubbyisms that catch us all up :).

2.  Veteran’s Day and the fact that Moo’s school was honoring and celebrating those who have served this great country.  Thank you veterans and your families for the sacrifices you’ve made so we can live freely!

3.  Princess Rio being the awesome guard dog that she is.

4.  Participating in the Chili Cookoff to raise money for the Newton County Children’s Christmas fund.  It was also fabulous that Tbug’s chili placed higher than her daddy’s which was her goal.

5.  Opening Day of Deer Season and hubby’s awesome story.  I actually went out with him the next weekend but we didn’t have any luck sadly.

6.  Spending time with hubby and watching Christmas movies.  Yes, we were watching Christmas movies in November… It happens!

7.  Proving to myself that I do know all 50 states, even though I also proved I can’t quite draw and I got a few states out of order… but in the right general vicinity.

8.  Being invited to participate in the Review Extravaganza that is taking place starting this Thursday!  Get your posts ready to go because there are over $600 in prizes to be won!
ReviewExtravaganza 2013FFF

9.  A nice get away weekend with hubby and Tbug to Branson and the Showboat Branson Belle.

10. Spending Thanksgiving with my family!

Um…. I think I want to be a rebel and add 11…. yup!

11.  So number 11 was getting to see this little Peanut.  We heard it’s heart beat, we watched it’s heart beat.  It made it seem so real and surreal.  We did this the Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving.  {If you look below, I have some of the back up links posted.  I posted them on the actual dates}

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