Camo Sugar Cookies

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The same day I had Where the Wild Things Are Sugar cookies due, I also had an order for Camo Sugar cookies. 2 dozen to be exact. They were for a joint birthday party. We discussed how to do them. At first, Jody wanted pink and then green and then suggested doing something in green with names in orange and pink. She really wasn’t sure and let me kind of have free reign.

I sure hope I did what she wanted. I always worry about that. So I did the pink and brown for Jaelyn and the green colors for Logan. I thought I’d write names in the orange. As you can see I was practicing writing on my hand to make sure I had my icing consistency correct. I have to laugh because part of Jaelyn’s name fell off my hand and I have no idea where that icing wound up. I think by the time I was done with cookies that day I was a little tired.

Hubby said he wished that the icings would have melded together a little better. I agree. I was pleased though, I think…

They tasted good. There may have been a few extras and I may have tried one. I may have also made hubby try one just to make sure he thought so too.

Okay, so the count… 28 out of 300 dozen.

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