MSU Homecoming Sugar Cookies

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I’ve been using my blog to keep myself accountable for the amount of cookies I’ve made… plus…. It is a way to go back and see, oh I’ve made X number of batches of cookies. Score, right? So that means I keep inundating you with the cookies I’ve made. See above pictures.

Yes, the above pictures were the latest round of cookies I made. I had an order for 3 dozen Football themed sugar cookies. MSU’s (Missouri State University) homecoming was this previous weekend. Now… that is my alma mater however should I admit that when I graduated it was still Southwest Missouri State University? I think that makes me old or something, right? I graduated in May 2005 and the name changed in August 2005. My diploma still says Southwest Missouri State even though I could have gotten an updated one for $$. My thought was, it’s all the same and I actually graduated from SMS. Yes, we called it SMS at the time. Now days when you say SMS, the younger generation looks at you like you have horns growing out of your nose.

Anyway, the cookies were for MSU’s homecoming. One request was to have the number ’79 and ’84 added to some of the jerseys. I assume it was their graduation year but I never asked. MSU’s colors are Maroon and White. Sadly, this picture doesn’t show, but the color was almost dead on! Like I said, I went to college there once upon a time.

And another side note, just something random… Their mascot is a Bear and the bear’s name is Boomer. Boomer is a nickname my dad has always called me… probably why my name on Instagram is BoomerBear. Although I need to clarify, my dad also called me Boomer Bear… but I don’t think it’s because of the MSU Boomer Bear. Maybe though… my dad went to SMS when it was Southwest Missouri State Teacher’s College back in the day.

Anyway… I think I’ve ventured off past these sugar cookies. I guess I just wasn’t totally happy with them. I sure hope that Christy was but I was so mad at them. Maybe that’s why I keep getting off the topic. Okay… so 3 dozen cookies is what she ordered. I did 1 dozen helmets, 1 dozen footballs, and 1 dozen jerseys to equal that 3 dozen. She may have gotten a few more too because I always make extras in case one or two break in the decorating process.

+3 dozen cookies = 31 dozen out of 300 dozen sugar cookies complete!

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