A Big Surprise

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Today happens to be my husbands 30th birthday!  I’m not going to lie, he’s having a bit of a difficult time turning the big 3-0 but I told him, if you’re having a birthday, that means another day you’re alive.  Now please remind me of this next July when I hit the big 3-0!

I thought it would be fun to throw him a surprise party.  And I have to tell you, my loving mother helped me.  By myself I couldn’t have pulled it off because even up to the week before I was taking stuff out of the house without him knowing and taking it to my mom to store for this party.  Otherwise he’d have seen me take everything out Saturday morning.

I woke up Saturday morning and asked him if he’d be willing to be kidnapped for a night by his loving wife.  He looked at me strange but said, yes.  When I left the house the story I had cooked up was I was going to my MIL’s house to pick up Tbug and then my mom, Tbug and I were going shopping when in reality we were decorating for the surprise party.  I told Tbug this was the only time she was allowed to lie to her daddy.

Then I had her call him and tell him he had to be ready by 6:20 for an “adventure” with his two favorite girls.

After spending the afternoon with him carving pumpkins and decorating cookies, we told him it was time to get ready.  Then I drove us down the road from our house to check out the bridge they’re working on… then I put a blindfold on him.  The party was held in his mom’s shop, and I knew that if I pulled in to her driveway all would be given away way before I wanted it to be.  I gave my mom my point and shoot camera so that I could get a picture of his face as he entered.

That was a good thought, however when after driving him way out of the way and even stopping in the middle of the road and acting like we were turning so he didn’t recognize the curves out by his mom’s house, Tbug and I went to get him out of the car and forgot to tell him to duck so he cracked his head on the car door.  Then as he was entering the shop we forgot to tell him to pick up his feet and he tripped head first into the shop.  Woops!

The theme was Hawaiian 30th birthday and the birthday boy was complete with outfit and glasses.

The kids kept themselves entertained with pool and air hockey.

Dinner consisted of Pulled Beef sandwiches, Sliced ham for sandwiches, Mac & Cheese, Potato salad, Lays, Cheeto’s, & BBQ Chips and drinks.  And obviously let’s not forget about Cake!

There were two types of cupcakes, vanilla and chocolate.  The options were John Deere, Hello Kitty & Angry Birds.  I must admit, I didn’t pick out the cupcakes :).  Then my dad and my hubby have an on-going joke involving one accusing the other of “loving” Justin Bieber.  Neither one do… LOL.  I didn’t know anything about the Justin Bieber cake until I got there and my dad said I needed to take the birthday boy over to see his cakes.

Then there were gag gifts, but more on that in a few.

Now Cousin A and Hubby have this on-going tradition of putting food on each other’s face.  Actually I think Cousin A is the instigator, so far from what I can tell.  Maybe I haven’t been around long enough, but I have a photo from last Thanksgiving that looks very similar to this…

Mom made hubby cut his own slice of birthday cake and then he got to enjoy it quickly before opening his presents.

And of course we needed a butt shot in the Hula skirt to complete the photo line up!

And some of our wonderful guests who came out to share in the birthday boys festivities.

Gotta LOVE men in Hula skirts!

Then on to the gifts.  Mom said it would be great if hubby were to receive gag gifts so we wrote it in and waited to see what people came up with.  He received everything from girly man shirts to toy cars to Justin Bieber pillow case (who is that from?? any guesses) to A complete denture set and even glasses.  Oh and best, my grandma had a relative who is a beautician save hair and gave him gorilla glue to glue it on with.

Gotta Love Gag Gifts!

This one was an “Old Fashioned Computer” 🙂

My mom was a huge help and like I said, I couldn’t have pulled it off without her, but my MIL, FIL and SIL did an excellent job of getting the shop cleaned up for me and helping me keep my sanity.  I can’t thank my loving family enough for all of their hard help.

Now there’s one thing you may or may not know about me… I tell my husband pretty much everything.  He’s my best friend and my secret holder.  Try throwing him a birthday party, especially when you freak out about plans not working, etc!  Whew!  If it weren’t for these two girls, I would have lost my sanity way before now.  If I wanted to tell Hubby something, I’d send it to Doti & Earl because I just couldn’t take holding it in.  Oh and my momma got a lot of emails too. 

What was really funny is I would delete all the messages every day pertaining to this so if hubby stumbled across a text between me and them, he wouldn’t get a clue.  And if I happened to be texting them while he was in the room, I’d send them something random as well so that when dings kept happening, one would be just to me and the other, when he said “what you guys talkin about” I didn’t have to lie too much :).

Earl also helped save me and my momma because she volunteered to make the Mac & Cheese when all I asked was to borrow her crock pot for that.  I have the best family and friends and I’m so glad I was able to pull this party off for the best Husband in the world whom I‘d like to wish a very happy, very special 30th Birthday too today!

I love you with all my heart hubby, sorry Tbug and I lied a bit to you but I sure hope it was worth it!

p.s. Go Vote for my Photo’s in a contest if you won’t please!  I’d love you too the moon and back!  Details here.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Mark! Aside from bonking his head and tripping into the party, sounds like he had a great time… haha!! Lately when people whine about getting older, I remind them that aging is a privilege many are denied… I'll remind you of that next July, as long as you promise to remind me too! haha!! 30 can't be all that bad, right?!? 😉

  2. Happy 30th Birthday to PC. Sounds like you created an awesome birthday party for him. Bet he had a blast 🙂

  3. Surprise parties for guys are great, but SOOO hard to keep a secret. I threw one last year for Chris for his 29th. I just invited everyone to a bar for his b-day, and I just told him that I wanted to go out since it was his birthday. Oh course what does he say, Nah lets just stay home. Um no we are going anyway I had to tell him the surprise to get him to go 🙁 Oh well it was fun and a lot of people that he wouldn't have expected showed up. I just put an open invite on Facebook so I didn't know who would come either, but a lot of people at least stopped in.

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