Riding Horses – It's fun!

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Last weekend a friend of ours (and her twin sister) brought her son over to my parents house to ride horses. Mom set it up so that it would be a Tbug weekend, that way if her son got scared, Tbug could help calm him down. Tbug is great with babies and little kids. You have no idea! (I guess she has experience with one sibling on our side and two on her mom’s side….)

SP had a great time riding the horses. When his aunt rode he was fine but the minute momma got on the horse he threw a fit. His aunt promised him a slushy if he’d quit throwing a fit and he said, “Okay I quit” and that was the last of the fit we heard about :). His momma said he didn’t like slushies anyway but they’d stop and get him one :).

I happened to be on Blonde Barbie (our baby) riding. It is good to get her experience with lots of different things going on. Hubby jumped on KG. Since he was on our seasoned horse and I was on the baby, I allowed him to do the photos.

I tried to convince them to stand up on Aloha but they wouldn’t. I proved to them that it could be done, I stood up on her back. Now I know Aloha and know she’s about as kid broke of a horse as they come. As with all horses something can go wrong but for the most part she’s kid proof. So I stood up on her but no one thought to take a picture of that… dang it!

After SP rode and then they left, Tbug jumped back on Aloha and worked cows, but that’s another post for another day :).

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