Blogging 101: Blog/Side Bar Widths

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You know as bloggers, we put ourselves way out there.  Do you see something wrong with my playlist?  Can you tell my Playlist was Christmas songs?

Can you tell my Playlist was Christmas songs?  I’m just ready for the Christmas holiday season.  I like Christmas!  And no, it isn’t totally because I’m ready for cooler weather.  In fact, very seldom do I complain about the weather because everyone wants what it isn’t.  If it’s cold they want warm.  If it’s warm, they want cool.  I say just go with it because it’ll be what you want soon enough.  Besides, I’m a warm weather girl :).  Now if Christmas could only be in summer. ha!  Santa would run around in swim trunks.  Scary thought!  Moving on!!

Recently I’ve been working on doing some redesign on my blog I guess you could call it.  This is just a “fun” thing for me.  A creative outlet.  I would like it professionally designed, but well… so far I just haven’t done it.  So I’m working on it myself.  If you have any ideas/suggestions, let me know.  But I thought I would share with you how to change the width of your posting area & side bars today.  Especially since blogger changed a while back.

Step 1. From the Dashboard, click on the little down arrow and click on Template.

Step 2. Next click on the “Custom

Step 3.On the left select Adjust Width

Step 4. You will now find these bars in front of you.

By dragging the bottom two bars back and forth you will change the width of the outside sidebars to your blog. The smaller the left and right sidebars are the bigger your middle section will be. You also may choose to only have a two column blog, leaving one of the sidebars bars at 0 px.

The maximum entire width of your blog on Blogger can by 1000 px, but remember if you make you blog this big the entire blog might not fit on everyone’s computer screens and they will have to scroll over.

This how to tutorial improves you blog! If you have any questions or would like to know how to improve other aspects of you blog let me know.

Now I’m going to go back to dancing around listening to my Christmas Music.

No, I don’t need a straight jacket, promise! 

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0 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Blog/Side Bar Widths

  1. Christmas is my favourite time of year. I listen to Christmas music all year 🙂 and I'm trying to picture Santa on shorts. I think they's have cookies or reindeer on them.

  2. Thanks for the great info. I'm still learning about my blog, how to arrange things, etc. So any tips are greatly appreciated. I would like to have a side bar on the left side and line up my buttons neatly too, but haven't figured that out yet.

  3. I love Christmas. I love Christmas music! But I am so not ready for it. However, I am going to pin this tutorial for future reference!

  4. Good job– yes blogger really has gotten better and made it easier to adjust things– all of that template stuff they now had they didn't used to.

    I like your social media buttons up top

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