The Northern Lights Quilt

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Finally, the little’s quilt is done. While we were in Alaska, she was infatuated with the Northern Lights. Unfortunately, we weren’t there at the right time to see them. The ideal is mid-August through April. We were there at the end of July… so bummer. I told her we’d have to go back sometime in winter. I want to see a REAL snow! Although… recently I heard about looking at it in an icehouse in Finland. Maybe that’s where/how we should see the Northern Lights.

We immediately started working on the quilts when we got home because the little was so excited. We only bought a panel and one piece of material for her quilt while we were there. The rest was either bought locally or was stuff my grandma had stashed in her sewing room.

We really weren’t sure how we were going to do this quilt, so we just started… with a lot of measurements and math. Neither of which are my strong suits these days. Once upon a time, I was good at math. Now… not so much. But Grandma is good at math and I’m good at reasoning. So between the two, we got it figured out :).

She was so excited. this was our progress the first day.

The material below was the other piece of her quilt that was purchased in Talkeetna at The Patchwork Moose. It looked so much like the Northern Lights so we definitely had to get it for her quilt. 

While we were at the quilt store getting more material for the older’s Moose quilt, Abug got to pick out the next piece, the outside piece, for her quilt. 

Then I made a mistake. I thought I had to wash the quilt top… and I didn’t. Note to self… in the future, don’t wash quilt top… So then I had to wash the backing as well. We had to iron both pieces… because the quilt top was ironed, but now… oy!

Abug picked her backing. I thought a black with the stars would have been better, but… she wanted blue so we went with blue. And here’s the final quilt. She loves it and it’s already on her bed.

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