The Moose Quilt

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Back to quilts for a minute. I swear, 2020 has just brought out a whole different side of life. One where we pick up things that we either A) wanted to learn how to do, B) used to do but never have time anymore, C) very homebody type skills, or D) all the above.

Now, I’ve made quilts before. Not a bunch, but a few. So that’s to say this isn’t anything new to me… But this particular quilt was a fun quilt to master!

We went on vacation to Alaska this year. While we were in Talkeetna, Alaska, we came across a fabric (material) store called The Patchwork Moose. Initially my mom went into the shop to pick up some fabric from Alaska for my grandma. I was in a store next door when she sent someone to find me. The girls and I then went to see what she was up to. She wanted our opinion on fabric for grandma. Little did my mom know that we would walk out with material for both girls a quilt and one for the hubby and me.

When we got home, the little and I took the material down to show grandma. The little then told grandma that she wanted to work on her quilt right then. Grandma had a few free minutes, so off to the sewing room we headed.

This was actually the second quilt top we did, but it’s the first quilt completely finished (other than my Fall Quilt… but that was a bit different story on that material).

The Queen Sized Quilt

My older daughter has a full size bed… but I wanted to make sure that the quilt completely covered her bed, so we actually made this quilt like it was for a queen sized bed.

Grandma and I had to hash out the material to make sure that we got the measurement we wanted, both width and length.

We bought a panel and 3 fabrics while in Alaska, but we needed a little more material to make it the right length and width.

Math isn’t my strong suit, but I got there after drawing a few pictures :).

So after we had it started, I loaded the quilt top up and went to a local quilt shop, Bittersweet Quilts and had them help me figure out what else we could add to make it the right measurements.

I was so excited to get the quilt tops done. We bought the backing for it from JoAnn’s. My friend Harriett suggested the muslin like the back of mine, but my mom wanted us to get real material. If you see the blue middle piece in the picture below, that’s actually the backing for this quilt.

Once the quilts came back from the quilter, it was time to bind. Grandma had a few extra minutes so she went ahead and put the binding down. Tbug happened to be here this weekend when grandma dropped the quilt off so she got to see her quilt. And my I must say, it goes perfect with her room.

We did very well I think!!

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