Patchwork Moose – Talkeetna, Alaska

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We ate breakfast at a restaurant called Gwennie’s Old Alaska Restaurant in Anchorage the day before. Our waitress was so awesome. She asked if we were out of town or locals. When we told her we were on vacation, she asked where all we had been and where we were headed next. Then she suggested heading north to Talkeetna, Alaska. 

The next day we grabbed breakfast as we headed out of town headed north to Talkeetna. The waitress had given us a few different Alaska books to look at and mom and my husband did some research before we headed there. One of the things mom saw was a quilt store located in Talkeetna called The Patchwork Moose. Now, my grandma’s birthday is the same day as mine which also happened to be the week we were on vacation. Very few years have I missed celebrating with Grandma. So we decided to go to the quilt shop to bring grandma back some fabric from Alaska.

The Patchwork Moose

22262 Talkeetna Spur Rd
Talkeetna, Alaska

I was next door at a gift shop when one of the kids came and said my mom wanted me to come next door to help find stuff for grandma. Both girls (my kids) went next door with me. What started out as a trip into the quilt shop, turned out to be soooo much more.

First off, Lori is amazing. She was extremely helpful in finding different materials for what we were looking for. And her shop. OMG, her shop! Examples everywhere. Panels galore. This was just the cutest quilt shop.

They specialize in Alaskan themed fabrics, patterns, and kits. She also has a lot of fabric that is exclusive to Alaska. Definitely what you would want if you are going to purchase material to take home.

I’m pretty sure we talked her ear off between my mother, mother-in-law, 2 daughters, and of course me.

Our finds

Grandma’s fabric

So what started out as just some material for my grandma wound up as a whole lot more.

This was what my mom picked out for grandma. Grandma loves purple (as do I).  The piece at the top right that looks like purple mountains is a panel. Then mom found coordinating materials. (left to right, top to bottom)

The Little’s Fabric

This is what the little picked out. She was infatuated with the Aurora Borealis Northern Lights. We were there the wrong time of year to see them… they say mid-August through April.

The day that we got home and took the material to my grandma, the little jumped in and said she wanted to work on her quilt right then.

The older’s fabric

The older daughter wanted to see a moose so bad (story to come). At this point in the trip, we hadn’t seen one in the wild. We saw one at the Anchorage Zoo, but other than that, we still hadn’t really seen one. So we told her to pick out the material and we’d make a moose quilt out of it.

My Fabric

And when I say my fabric, I mean for a quilt for hubby and my bed, obviously.

As a side note, I kept saying Moshing wrong to the point I kept getting made fun of. In my defense, in Missouri, we don’t have Moshing.

My mom told my dad that was the best money ever spent. Not only did we make memories while on vacation, but by buying the fabric, the little and I are making memories with her great-grandma in creating the quilt top. Plus, this will go on all the beds so we’ll have the memory versus a t-shirt that we might outgrow or lose or whatever.

All pictures came from Lori at The Patchwork Moose unless they have my blog logo on them. And isn’t this picture of her shop last Christmas just perfect? I mean, it looks like the cutest little gingerbread house. I’m ready to go back in the winter and see what this place looks like! And that’s saying something because I don’t do well in cold weather. I might freeze, but I’d sure love to see it!!

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