“Fifty” Cookies

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It’s been a few minutes since I’ve made sugar cookies. But… it’s kind of like riding a bike, right? haha.

Okay, the back story of the Fifty Cookies… So a gal who has ordered cookies from me every year hit me up to see if I still did cookies. Yes. Would I do Fiftieth Wedding anniversary cookies? Yes. Then I got the story behind these cookies. It’s a good one!!

She works in healthcare. Dialysis to be exact. One of her patients has been fighting cancer for a few years. He decided that he wanted to fight until at least his 50th wedding anniversary. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on August 10th. How sweet is that?!?!

I got to be a part of that. She told me she hopes he continues to fight now that they’ve made it to their 50th. She said they had a love like no other. She’s worried that if he doesn’t continue to fight and goes on to the Lord, his wife will certainly follow. I guess only time will tell and unfortunately, I’ll never know… But I got to be a part of this. How exciting!

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