Monroe/West Monroe, Louisiana: Willie’s Duck Diner

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When we got to town, we decided to go exploring. We wound up at Duck Commander but it was pouring and no one wanted to get out. In the parking lot was a sign that said Willie’s Duck Diner was down by Academy so we decided to go on a hunt. Again, it was pouring and only 4:30, so way to early for dinner anyway so we went around a few other places and back to the hotel before winding back up at Willie’s Duck Diner for dinner. And it was only like 7 miles away. Not bad at all!

Every so often I am mean and send pictures to people of different things. In this case, I shot this picture to Hubby and Jared. I didn’t get the response I wanted. Oh well! Later I tried to send photos of our food, hubby didn’t get them, I’m not sure if Jared did or not because no response.

Abug wasn’t interested in coloring so I took it over. She didn’t like me doing the word search though.

So I got The Godwin with a side of Miss Kay’s Mac and Cheese. The sandwich was flippin awesome! My Mac and cheese was just okay.

So what was the sandwich you ask? Well, it was a triple decker ham sandwich with mayo and onion straws, swiss and cheddar cheeses, lettuce and tomato on Texas Toast.

Mom had Blackened. That’s fried Okra also, but it wasn’t moms :). The fried okra was awesome though!

Abug went with Mac and cheese and a side of french fries.

This was the server area.

They had a place to put pins where you were visiting from. This was the world map. Hello world, get a move on :). haha.

In a different area was visitors from the US. North and West, get a move on! 🙂 You can’t even make out Louisiana, Mississippi, most of Alabama, and Arkansas.

Bathrooms anyone :).

And this quote was awesome…
There aren’t many sure things in this world. And even the smartest ideas may not pay off. Like Duck Commander Wine… or Phil and Si taking care of young impressionable girls. But the bottom line is, if you want an idea to succeed then you have to take risks. Because the only investments guaranteed not to pay off are the ones you never make. Duck Dynasty, Season 1, Episode 15

So for sure if you’re a Duck Dynasty fan, come here! If you’re in to good food, this is also the place for you.

There is a burger on the menu that if you can eat the full 1lb burger and fries, you get a free t-shirt. Also I hear there’s another special too, but I’m not sure if I should say as I don’t know how well known it is….

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