Whittier, Alaska

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Thursday was my birthday. I kind of got to pick some of the day because of that. After we went to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, we decided to go to Whittier. Mom suggested that one. I was game. Anything fun and heck, we were in Alaska on my birthday so everything was fun, am I right!?!? We were only about 12 miles from Whittier so it was perfect. The day was a little wet and rainy which made it a little cool. But no complaints here because at home it was close to 100˚F. We’d take the upper 60’s for sure.

Mom and dad had been to Alaska before. They said that we had to go through a tunnel to get to Whittier. This tunnel was NOT the tunnel… this was a mini tunnel.

You have to pay a toll to go through “The Tunnel.” The only land access is through the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, a mixed-use road and rail tunnel. Then they send you to one of the 6 rows. Every half hour one side of the tunnel is released, then the next half hour the other side is released. It is a 1-way tunnel in and out of Whittier. Plus you share the tunnel with the train. I’m not sure how the train schedule fits into the other schedule.

The Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel is a tunnel through Maynard Mountain. It links the Seward Highway south of Anchorage with Whittier.

While we sat and waited, we looked at the map of Whittier trying to decide where to eat lunch.

The tunnel is 2 1/2 miles long. You are literally driving through the mountain.

Whittier, Alaska

Whittier is a city at the head of the Passage Canal, located about 58 miles southeast of Anchorage. The 2018 census estimates the population of 205 people, all of who live in a single building, The Begich Towers. Our server at the restaurant said that the train company owns most of the land so there isn’t much land for houses, as well as the building, is built to withstand hurricane-force winds in the winter.

Whittier is also a port for the Alaska Marine Highway.

Whittier is also the wettest city in Alaska and the United States.

The Begich Towers Condominium is a building in the small city of Whittier, Alaska. The structure is notable for operating as a small-scale arcology, being the residence for nearly the entire population of the city, as well as containing many of its public facilities. This has earned Whittier the nickname of a “town under one roof”.

In addition to the residential areas, the building contains the basic services of Whittier: a post office, general store, hospital, the Whittier Police Department, and the mayor’s office. There is also a small Methodist Church, a grocery, laundry, a small hotel, a conference room, and a play area with an indoor pool.

Wild Catch Cafe

Harbor Loop Rd &, Harbor View Dr
Whittier, AK 99693

So Whittier tends to be a cruise ship destination. However, with Coronavirus things have been different. They said that times were hard on them this year. (We were talking to the servers here at this restaurant as we were the only patrons in there at the time.)

I do want to throw this out there immediately… EAT HERE. YUM!

Anyway, we decided to eat at Wild Catch Cafe.

Hubby was in love with Alaska and all the fresh fish. This was Clam Chowder. He said it was amazing. 

All of us but the little and my mother in law got fish and chips. Yes, you read that correctly, I got fish. WHAT! This was Halibut. It was amazing and the dipping/fish sauce… yum! While the fries were just fries, they were even really good.

Check out these views! There is a Glacier named Whittier Glacier. I’m not sure if that is the glacier in this photo or not… but it is on the Whittier side of the mountain?

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