Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

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Guys, have I got the place to tell you about… The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center! This place rocked!

So, as we’ve learned, my little loves zoos. I had higher hopes for the Alaska Zoo.

On Tuesday when we spent most of what felt like all day laying around the hotel room, I somehow found the Alaska Channel. I’m not sure if that is a hotel thing or if that is actually a thing. Either way, they were talking about different places around Alaska, including the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

It is about an hour’s drive from Anchorage to Girdwood where the center is located. You have gorgeous views and let me say this so even those in the back row can hear… IT. WAS. TOTALLY. WORTH. IT.

We got there a bit early. The gate was closed, but we weren’t the only car waiting in the driveway waiting to enter :).

So what do you do when you get there early and are waiting? You take selfies…

The entry I think was the same as what we paid to go to the zoo in Anchorage and this place was sooooooo worth it. I’m not sure I can state that enough.

By this point in the week, we were afraid this was the only way that the oldest would see a live moose. This place was started to take in and house animals who were hurt or orphaned at a young age. Most of them will have a forever home on this 200-acre center.

This dude didn’t have as bad of an attitude as the one Tuesday at the zoo. The one at the zoo wanted to attack me. This one was quite content.

I may have created a monster… she took my mother-in-law’s camera and used it to take her own pictures of this trip.

See, I told you… I created a monster.

This was my birthday. I chose to come here since I got to decide what we did (sort of…). Here were the words of wisdom I shared on my birthday on Instagram.

And just like that… I’m 73…. errr 37. I do keep telling people I’m 73 so that they’ll say, oh you look great for your age.

Tips on how to get compliments. Stay tuned for more!!

I took way more pictures but… 1) you should visit here for yourself and 2) do you really want to look at 100+ photos?

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