Hay Season 2016: And they’re off

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At one point last night it looked like the tractors were racing down the field. The International was raking while the White was baling.

If you can’t tell, the International is winning this race.

The International is an older tractor, it is a 1969. And it runs GREAT!

It is actually the slower running at full throttle of the tractors….

But it had the advantage of not having to stop and kick bales out….

I’m not even sure this was a fair race….

And here she comes in to the finish…

And that was all she wrote… Oh wait, no it isn’t… Turned around and headed back down the field…

And here comes the baler, finally. Gosh :).

I was talking to Karen the other day and it’s funny, the month of may was rather cool and rainy and then once June 1 hit, it got hot and sunny. And it was funny to drive around and see all the fields being mowed simultaneously. Everyone was just waiting for dry days to get mowed, dried, and baled. We mowed our field on Monday night. We got a good start anyway. We were borrowing Jared and Karen’s tractor/mower. The mower worked great, the tractor on the other hand had issues :(. They spent all day Tuesday trying to get it fixed. Once they got it fixed, made a few rounds, and bam it broke again. I was starting to feel like I did 2014. 2014 was a bad summer at our house for hay. I always love hay season but I was on the verge of hating it that summer. Anyway we brought dad’s tractor over to the field and the big tractor over to the field and last night we got it raked and baled after dad and hubby got off work. We were done by just after 9pm. 69 1/2 bales. That half bale is cute! Anyway, one field down, a few more to go. I really do like hay season, but some times when things constantly break it gets down right depressing and old.

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