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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times… there’s something so classic and beautiful about a black and white photo. I recently watched The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Spoiler (but it’s an old movie so…)… at the end of the movie he photographs his brother’s wedding. All the photos they show were in black and white. I’ve always wanted to photograph a black and white wedding. Now, would I only want black and white wedding photos, probably not… BUT!!!!

October 10th, I got to photograph my husband’s friend since junior high’s wedding. It was pretty exciting. And while I edited all photos in color… I turned them all black and white too.

Oh… and if you notice below I have 3 cameras… I’m NOT a professional videographer, but I got to play and make them a video too. It was a lot of fun!

So just after they got engaged, they found out that they were expecting. The wedding date had been set for October and the baby’s due date was in August. We did maternity photos for them. Treisha bought the dress that she was going to wear for those photos as well as their wedding. The weekend before we held a bachelor/bachelorette party for them at our house and a conversation came up about her dress. It was all based on are we going to do photos before the wedding or after.

Robert said what does it matter, I’ve already seen the dress… so she went home, bought a new (gorgeous) dress and BAM… surprised him.

Originally we were going to do photos before the wedding that didn’t require the bride and groom in the same room. But it just didn’t work out that way… so poor Treisha got stuck sitting in the dressing room waiting. What was even better is I’d walk in and check on her and she’d say such and such needs to be done. I’d laugh and tell her it was already done. I think there might have been 1 thing I had to check on and it was in fact done too.

Robert had a surprise set up for the wedding for Treisha and he wouldn’t tell her or anyone. I caught him practicing, although I seriously thought he was just reading like the Bible or something. It was actually the book he had plans to read to her during the ceremony.

We did do a few of the photos before the ceremony. And then I got to go home with the class clown. He even danced coming out of their room during rehearsal. Gosh, I love the guy on the right in the photo below!!

Treisha claims that hubby was telling Robert to run. And you see my camera behind Robert’s shoulder… no one noticed it was up there. haha.

The moment Robert saw Treisha in her new dress for the first time.

And she locked eyes with him.

He even had his own set of vows to make to her son. It pretty much had the whole Church crying (including the photographer who really needed to see).

And just like that, they were married! I’m so happy for them!

She was “threatening” him not to get cake on her dress.

When they started doing this… he thought she was dumping it on him. We even got her son some sparkling grape juice so he could toast with them.

Congratulations Robert and Treisha and thanks for letting me 1) turn all your photos black and white and 2) allowing me to play around with making you a video.

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