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I go through spurts where I only write blog posts 5 days per week and then other times I write multiple per week.  I can’t explain it.  And I try to steer clear writing on weekends, because heck, we’re all out enjoying life I sure hope :).  I’ve been surprised by the blog posts that have been hitting weekly and monthly favorites lately, so I thought I would share what the November top 10 blog posts were.

1.  50 Reasons – I Love You
This one surprises me the most.  Like it has even hit the all time most read blog post.  I guess if people are trying to write their own lists they may be looking for inspiration and I’ll tell you, writing 50 reasons why you love someone (ie your husband) is difficult because you don’t want to sound petty but sometimes maybe those “petty” reasons make you fall that much more in love with your spouse…  And Hunny, Just remember I love you with all my heart.  Sappy I know, right?!

Photo by Taylor Orr

2. Shoot Away – Guest Post
I think it is kind of cool that a guest post that I had EmmyMom write for me back in May kind of fell into the archives and is now rebounding by leaps and bounds.  And this blog post really hits home… I mean as bloggers we’re documenting everything… then add the fact that she’s a fabulous photographer on top of that, and well… you might just be a bit jealous.  In this case, maybe this jealous we’re referring too is a good thing, might make you work harder to become better ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Thanksgiving at the Shack
The Shack is a pretty cool place.  It’s my sister-in-law’s in-laws place.  I took a photo of the back of the Shack that night that I should have shared on that blog post that turned out reallllllly cool, in my opinion anyway so I guess maybe I should/could share that with you now.  Can ya handle it?

4.  A Week Long Birthday Celebration + TGI Friday’s (Springfield, MO)
Seriously, what better way to ring in your 30th birthday than with a fabulous week long birthday celebration and that’s just what my husband got.  He’s special enough; he deserves it!

5.  Great Use for Leftover Turkey – Mexican Cheese Soup
Not sure about you guys but I got tired of turkey eventually :).  Nah, turkey is good.  But this is a great soup whether you use chicken or turkey.  My momma got it at work a few years back and holy cow, I’m spoiled.  Sorry Tortilla soup but this soup kicks butt in my opinion of course :).

6. Make Your Blog Rock
I’m not blogging expert… boy how cool would it be to be one though!  I know enough about html to cause damage :)… But I took a minute to share things I’ve figured out because heck, we’re all in this together!  Hopefully you found some useful tips out of this!!

7.  Lazy Sunday Mornings {Cracker Barrel – Joplin, MO}
Sometimes those days are what the best memories are made of!  I honestly don’t know what more to say.  I think that statement says it all!

8.  For a Spanking Good Time
This is one of those that just floors me.  I’m a little worried possibly what people are googling to find this blog post.  For the record it was for the Diva Paddle Party Girls Night Out.  And where that sounds kind of bad too, it definitely is not.  It is by far something you could take your grandma or your preachers wife too!  Can’t take the Preacher because it’s a girls only party unless your preacher is a woman, then you’re good to go!

9.  If I Ran for President
If I ran for president I’d have my guts spilled all over the headlines… lol :).  No truthfully we all have different opinions and this was supposed to be a fun, light hearted post that has nothing really to do with actual politics.

10.  My weekend Recap & a Prayer Request
For everyone who prayed for my friend’s husband, I sincerely appreciate it!  He has had a bit of a rough recovery but by talking to her and reading facebook messages everyday is getting better.  I would like to keep asking for prayer requests for them as they wait for the results of the surgery as well as some other family matters that they are dealing with at this time.  And as I promised, I shared the soup recipe from this post, I still have yet to share the Mexican Lasagna recipe… I haven’t forgotten though!  I even came up with my own version of these cookies!!

And there you have it folks.  The top 10 popular blog posts for the month of November!  I still find it amazing as to what made the cut and what didn’t.  I’m almost ready to see what happens in the month of December!  I did notice in the Month of October that my 2011 Halloween post was one of the highly viewed posts on Halloween this year, you know, as opposed to my 2012 Halloween post.  I can’t explain the results sometimes.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I'm glad to hear your friend's husband is trucking along! I love looking at the stats and seeing posts that surprise me topping the charts. I always share the top ones for the year at the end of the year, and I think it shows a lot about our progress.

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