10 Things to Smile about October

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So I kept forgetting to link up but I really wanted to and seeing as though I had 50+ posts in October… I might have gone over 10:

1. I completed the Blogging Every Day in October. All 31 posts

2. We celebrated Baby Girls first Halloween. I’m not huge on Halloween but it was so much fun dressing her up as a sheep.

3. Tbug helped her dad and grandpa haul cattle to the sale barn.

4. We survived our first night apart from each other….

5. Every now and then a rainy day makes me smile.

6. I made my first Pumpkin Roll and holy yum was it good!

7. I attended the SW MO Women Bloggers Meet-up even though I was extremely nervous!

8. Tbug carved her 1st pumpkin of the year.

9. Tbug carved her 1st pumpkin underwater.

10. Hubby and I carved our pumpkins finally!

Bonus Smiles:
Bonus 1. Attending a Pumpkin Patch.

Bonus 2. Chiefs game against the St. Louis Rams and they won!! 🙂

Bonus 3. Baby Girl turned 4 months!!

Bonus 4. I attended a beautiful baby shower.

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