365 – September – Photos 1-30 – Take 2

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At the end of my last Project 365 I debated if I would do another one or not. Part of me really wanted to and part of me didn’t. I had a few friends encourage me to continue on. So then came the question, do I take a month or 3 months off (3 months = the first of the year… SCARY!). I continued to take a photo every day so if I chose to back date I could.

Then around the middle of the month I decided to just go for it, so here’s round 2 of my Project 365. Wish me luck, especially this fall because… well you know what’s coming up the 29th of this month…. (hint: comps).

1/365 – Addermeister didn’t want me to forget her while I was at school so she gave me the monkey flashlight to take to school with me.

2/365 – Midweek Pancakes. Um… yes please!

3/365 – This little fish LOVES the water. Now this winter she’ll spend time in the hottub and the bathtub so we can keep this love of water up!

4/365 – 5th year anniversary is supposed to be traditionally wood. I thought this was more fitting for us though. Love you baby

5/365 – Dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, only a day late for our anniversary because that’s the way we roll!

6/365 – Breakfast after church because that’s the way we roll!

7/365 – The girl has her priorities… one includes riding horses. Jared helped her achieve that! She even got mad when he quit. I guess I trained her right!

8/365 – I see you 🙂 haha

9/365 – It’s a Beautiful day in the neighborhod, a beautiful day in the neighborhood. That’s why we wear shorts. ha!

10/365 – Beautiful Kenutcky Sunset over the Mississippi River with Missouri way off in the background

11/365 – The blogger is off to dive at Mermet Springs! 727, we’re coming for ya!

12/365 – Scuba Diving and Chiefs… Need I say more?

13/365 – I love small towns. Reminds me of that song where they’re talking about painting a name on the water tower. The Mountain View water tower had lots of stuff painted on it. Graffiti at its finest.

14/365 – Beautiful Sunset on a beautiful evening!

15/365 – I’m not a morning person but I LOVE a beautiful Sunrise!

16/365 – Finally got my 5th wedding anniversary charm on my bracelet.

17/365 – 1st Home Game of the season for the Chiefs! Go Chiefs!

18/365 – She was ready for a good roll in the luxurious grass. haha.

19/365 – Beautiful Braid on Blonde Barbie during Lunch. Dang, not quite an alliteration… although it started out that way… haha. Blame it on the English degree! St. Jude’s Ride for Life

20/365 – She was ready to walk Pete by herself.

21/365 – Playing with a selfie stick… yeah I didn’t have many options for a day 21 picture so this is what you get. Score 🙂 You’re welcome

22/365 – This is all Deb and SW’s fault!! 😁

23/365 – Do you remember the Ask Jeeves search engine? Well… rumor has it it was based off the character Jeeves in P.G. Wodehouse’s book The Code of the Woosters. Trivia to enhance your day

24/365 – Beautiful sunset!

25/365 – Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast in the morning.

26/365 – A friendly game of Dominos. Now Karen and I need to get busy and make the outdoor Dominos game!

27/365 – I ordered Roadkill (Chopped steak smothered in onions, mushrooms and cheese) and hubs said, we could have gotten you “roadkill” on our way here. 😛

28/365 – While I was buckling her carseat into the backseat… she scampered into the front seat to “drive”

29/365 – International Coffee Day! What more could you ask for, coffee and Chiefs!

30/365 – one month from yesterday is the comps test. I might be freaking out! a little……

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