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I truthfully think I’m going to wait for actual wedding photos until I see Mindy’s, so I guess I’ll start with us leaving. I know, that’s mean of me but I’m so torn, so that means I really want to wait. I can’t wait to see them and I keep thinking/expecting any day now to see photos! I promise when I see them I’ll share!!!!!

Until then, we must roll on! These pictures don’t give away how we were dressed either 🙂

So now we are leaving the Reception. After the reception we went to our house and unloaded presents out of PC’s truck and unwrapped them. Then we headed for Fayetteville.

Thursday night we were up later than normal getting things done. Awake at 6am on Friday morning. I went to bed after midnight on Friday night (Thanks for Talking to me Stef!!) and PC admitted to going to bed closer to 2am. My mom woke me up at 6:20 just before my alarm went off Saturday morning and I went strong all day long. Once we got to Fayetteville we ate dinner at PF Changs and by the time we got to the hotel and checked in it was 10:30. Then we had to un-wind which took forever. We finally made it to sleep around midnight and were up at 4:20 Sunday morning to catch our 6:30am flight for our honeymoon. (more on that later!!)

PC and I decided NOT to have either of our vehicles at the wedding so they didn’t get “dirty” or “Messed up” or whatever you’d like to call it…

But as you can tell from these pictures, That Didn’t happen!

PC’s dad’s van was broken (haha) and he was driving PC’s truck even though I DIDN’T want it there… {sigh}

So the truck got creamed, literally!

They put KY Jelly under all door handles and as you can tell here… I stuck my hand RIGHT in it. Yuck! Oh and love my cowboy boots with my dress. My wedding shoes matched my dress so I’d planned on just wearing them… but by the end of the day my feet were killing me and I had my boots so I took full advantage of the boots even though they don’t match. Don’t judge me! 🙂

My dad and uncle popped the hood on PC’s truck and dumped bubbles in the windshield Wiper fluid.

Like the “balloon” on the antennae? Yeah it’s not a balloon… use your imagination. And driving to our house on one road it’s 65mph… that thing was slapping the window until it blew off. It never did pop but it got huge and finally few off in one piece.

We went to my parents house after we left our house so that we could print our plane tickets (on-line check in is GREAT).

The tree was being un-cooperative!

Not to mention the truck was dirty it was also “Dirty”

PC’s dad used the truck while we were on our honeymoon and was also Gracious to clean it for us!

Here we are sitting at PF Changs waiting for them to call our number.

One photo our photographer never took was a ring shot… so we did our own!

Ever eaten at a PF Changs? They give you Chop Sticks. If I had to eat with those all the time, I’d starve!

And yes, I know there is no food on the chopsticks or in my mouth. Don’t judge me 🙂

Yum! Fried Green Beans

And Egg Drop Soup

And our dinner!!!

Here was our first bed we slept in as a married couple.

haha! I flashed the mirror and all of you 😉

This one turned out better!

And another full on shot! this is what we looked like leaving the reception (minus my boots ;)) Once we went back to the house, I did change my shoes.

Peace, Love, & Wedding Nights

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