This post brought to you by the letter D

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Wednesday was a rough day for me.  Let me just start by stating that fact.  I think it plays a lot into this post…

Tuesday night at the shack they decided next weeks food theme was going to be food that “started with the letter D.”  Have you ever tried to find food that starts with the letter D?  It’s kind of impossible.

That night we were all yelling things we knew/could think of – Dill Weed, Dip, Dill Pickles, Dill Pickle Dips, Dicky Doo (not sure on this one… I guess it just started with a D), etc.

So when I got home Wednesday night I sat down with the new Paula Deen cookbook even though its my Christmas present and started flipping through it.  I decided to flip to the index for the letter D and started using Siri to send my Sister in law texts of all the things in the cookbook that started with D.  

(I’m the green bubbles, she’s the white bubbles)

In the meantime Siri got hung up and my friend Earl sent me a text. 

When Siri got hung up I had to close out of the text messages and reopen (and actually type them out… the nerve… lol).  Well if you know iPhones, they open to the text messages that haven’t been read if there is just one, if there are multiple it opens to the screen where it shows everyone’s name.  What did it do?  It opened to Earl’s and she asked if we wanted to “Come over for Desserts”.

So I wasn’t paying attention and I started typing Earl all the words in the PD cookbook ques that began with the letter D. 

And she responds back, Or just desserts??!!

I noticed it said Messages (1) but I really thought that was Earl’s message waiting for me.

Then I noticed I sent all those D’s to Earl.  I laughed so hard I cried.

In the mean time I got a few through to Liss before all of this and she was confused so she started sending me back random things. (The first picture above)

So when I realized what I had done, I quickly hit edit and forwarded 16 items to Liss.

And then Liss and I continued our conversation.

I even told her I dropped the biscuits.  I wasn’t making biscuits.  But it was funny….

When I realized that I had sent all those to Earl though, I was laughing so hard I couldn’t even talk and tell hubby why I was laughing so hard.  I’d start to tell him and I’d get choked up laughing again.  I laughed so hard I cried.  I’m not sure he found it as hilarious as I did.  I’m still laughing about it.

Not going to lie, I think that was a pretty good end to the day I was having, but oh the excitement there for a little while.

We did wind up going to Earl’s house where I proceeded to eat a piece two pieces of pecan pie.  In my defense, they were small pieces that made out to the size of a regular piece because I didn’t know if I liked Pecan pie or not.

But when I walked in to Earl’s house to explain the random texts I was still dying laughing.  She told me she thought it was because she said Desserts which starts with a D; I was just sending her random things that began with D… which not going to lie, is something I would probably do :).  I get text happy from time to time… although never just picked a letter… new game to try 😉

Happy Friday y’all and remember, laughing burns 5 calories!

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  1. Haha that would be funny. I would probably have thought the same thing as Earl. I couldn't even tell you the last time I texted more than one person at a time, so I don't think I have to worry about this happening to me! hehe

  2. Lol, I thought our part of the conversation was funny, I didn't know Earl was involved! Reading this made me laugh out loud all over again! But I'm very disappointed that you lied about the biscuits! 😉

  3. I do that w/email (having too many windows open) or blog posting. Drives me crazy! 🙂

    Visiting you today from the No Rules Weekend Blog Party.

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