Santa's Little Helper

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One tradition I’ve tried to keep in our house is decorating the tree on a weekend Tbug is at our house (2011, 2010, 2009).  It’s kind of a family thing.  Our tree decorations are living – as in we gather/collect new ones each year that represent us or things we have done that year.  Our tree tells a story.

Saturday night we decided to go ahead and put the tree up, you know since hubby’s wanted it up since August and Tbug wouldn’t be to our house again until the second weekend in December….

Last year we got a pre-lit tree.  I’m sad to say the top half already doesn’t work so while hubby was working on a solution, I decided to go ahead and start wrapping presents.

Tbug jumped right in the middle of what I was doing, asked me how to do it and immediately started helping wrap presents.  I’m  here to tell you, she did a decent job of it!  She’d do one side, I’d do the other and it was usually a team effort to start the whole wrapping process.

Then she was totally cracking me up in her placement of presents under the tree.  They had to be just right.
And she kept rearranging them until she got them the way she wanted them :).  Don’t mess with the girl on a Christmas present mission! 🙂

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  1. Love it! Love when kids have a vision in their mind and will work to get it just right. Thanks so much for linking up

  2. So how did you make the neat border and stuff on those pictures? I love it. I was bad and put up the tree myself. Well Shawn was there, but he lost interest pretty quick.

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous little helper you have! I love your tree and all the presents too. We have two little boys and I daren't have a tree until they are older. I have no doubt they would climb it looking for chocolates! Have a great holiday together xx

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