Random Wednesday's are fun :)

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Have you ever had those nights when you just can’t get to sleep? I have!! What do I do… I count. Not count sheep, I don’t picture them, I just count. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and so on. What do I do when I hit 100? I start all over again. 101, 102 is just to hard so I’ll go through the numbers again. What happens if that doesn’t work, I’ll go backwards. Eventually I must wear my brain out or something because I’ll wake up the next morning.

1. Last night I wasn’t having the most spectacular night… 🙁

2. We did go and tour our reception hall though. I learned some great oddities about it.

  • The house was built in 1895
  • It was built for a wealthy family here in the area, but he also kept a house in St. Louis.
  • It had a dumbbell elevator in it.
  • Lots of cool things.

3. I went to bed around 8pm last night, I was just not having a good night.

4. I woke up at midnight, took out my contacts, brushed my teeth and took a shower. Then attempted to go to bed. That’s when I started counting.

5. So I started writing a blog post in my sleep.

6. Really can’t tell you a whole lot about what that blogpost said today.

7. Speaking of today I think it is Wednesday but I never can remember… OY! It’s even worse when I’m on vacation!

8. We are making homemade mints for the wedding. We’re trying to decide if made this weekend if we can freeze them for a month for the wedding. Do you know?

9. I plan on doing a post about our reception hall.

10. My highlights from last October are growing out… my hair is coming back in dark brown.

11. It’s still my turn in the fiance and my SHMILY game.

12. I truly love doing floral arrangements.

13. That was totally random to you but not in my head. I was thinking about the wedding :).

14. I had to go “white” dress shopping this week. In fact we went Monday night. My BM Evelyn sent me a text Monday asking if I had a white dress, you know other than my wedding dress. Nope… I had one with blue glitter but that’s it. So she, PC and I went white dress shopping. She hasn’t told me why other than we need to meet up with her next Friday night at 6:30, me in white dress, him in nice dress pants and a nice shirt. She has ideas 🙂

Don’t hold this photo against me, I loved the dress until I got it on… It didn’t look so hot on and I shouldn’t share but the look on my face cracked us all up…. and yes I made it a small pic… it’s that bad!

15. I still have no idea what I’ll do for my hair for the wedding.

16. Not even sure who is going to do it 🙁

17. I have ideas for the BM’s but I think the MOH’s hair might be to short for my idea, I can’t remember.

18. Oh well I guess they don’t have to be the same.

19. No I’m not counting to go to sleep right now, I’m just apparently thinking about numbers 🙂

20. My coffee mug on my desk is by Leanin’ Tree and it is a bunch of cowboys sitting on a fence with the saying “Nothin’ like buns ‘n coffee to start the day!” And I don’t even drink coffee.

21. Right now it has hot chocolate stains in it. I should probably wash it!

22. My great grandfather used to own (I believe) 3 hardware stores. Or maybe it was his father. Anyway in one of the towns where the original was they had a house. It eventually was sold to another family. The man who bought it passed away in April. Now the house is being auctioned off on Saturday along with memorabilia from it. I think we are going 🙂

23. If we go I’ll take pictures 🙂

24. My toenails are still flags. I really am going to have to re-do them though because my toenails are growing out.

25. I think I might quit counting here… even though I’m adding thoughts, I think I could close my eyes and take a quick nap, but I won’t. That’ll apparently make it harder to sleep later tonight. 🙂

Hopefully you are having a wonderful (I think) Hump Day Wednesday. My feet are cold so that is making my knees hurt. Fun fact about my knees, it can be 110 degrees in the shade and if my knees get cold they hurt and you can feel how cold they are even through jeans. See why I don’t like winter?

Peace, Love & counting

11 thoughts on “Random Wednesday's are fun :)

  1. I like the dress!

    How exciting.. i'm sure you'll tell us all about the surprise! 😉

    Love the mug! I only like frozen coffee!

    and cute toes!

  2. Very random–but I like. I have to read myself back to sleep when I wake up. The place for your reception looks wonderful. Is it haunted? That would be exciting. (I only asked because it's so old, not because it looks scary.)

  3. Hey, If you want your hair long and down just get extentions. My daughter went to a place bought some hair and clips and I sewed the clips on and the hair dresser strategically place them and voila! her too short hair was perfect for the big day. It wasn't even that expensive, those clip on types.

    I love the look of the reception house. I think it's perfect.

  4. I think that hair picture would really suit you!! That way its both out of your way and you can take it out and still have some waves for the reception! Hope you are having a good Thursday! xo

  5. Love the total randomness!

    I think it would be fine to freeze the mints.

    I personally like when the hair doesn't match…it adds some uniqueness to the pics.

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