Quite the Interesting Weekend….

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I’m going to state this now, we don’t have typical weekends at our house.  I’m not sure why, we just don’t.  So here’s how our weekend went.

Friday night we met up with a bunch of friends and went out to dinner at a sushi restaurant.  Wait, I ate Sushi.  Yup, sure did.  I know that’s a first for me, especially since I’m not into fish really but I only ate cooked sushi and I’m all for trying things.  Never said I have to like it, but I give it a go and try. I even attempted eating with chopsticks because that was really my only option.  It was… interesting!  I kinda suck at that!

Then we went home and went to bed because we had to get up early the next morning.  Busy day!

Saturday we woke up, loaded up the car and headed to Extreme Sports Scuba where we attended an Equipment Maintenance Seminar.  On our way I was in the mood for Starbucks so I conned hubby in to stopping and getting me a piece of their Lemon Pound Cake and a Mocha Frappe.  Yum!

From there we made our way to the dive shop for an equipment maintenance seminar.

Earlier this week I was craving donuts and they just so happened to have donuts (and coffee) at the seminar.  I may or may not have eaten 3 donuts, but in my defense, hubby wanted one and couldn’t have one so I ate one for him plus Peanut wanted one.

From there we had to head to Tulsa to pick Tbug up.  It was about noon when we left Joplin so we decided to just eat lunch when we got to Tulsa so we made the 2 hour drive.  Man by the time we got there we were hungry.  We went to Utica Square and ate at PF Changs.

Mine was the bottom, hubbys was the top.

From there we headed on to the Tulsa Convention Center to see Tbug’s cheer team perform.  They won first in their division which qualified them for Nationals.

After the awards we decided to head back to Utica Square and eat at the Olive Garden.  Boy let me tell you about that experience… So hubby went in and put our name on the list.  They gave us a buzzer and told us it would be about 20 minutes.  So as we sat there we noticed at least 2 parties one of 3 and one of 4 that came in after us but was seated before us.  Hubby went up to ask what happened, yeah they didn’t put our name on the list.  So they seated us immediately.  No big deal.  The guy who seated us took our drink order, Tbug and I ordered a Peach Bellini Iced Tea and hubby ordered water.  A waitress brought our drinks and said who got the 2 unsweet teas and who got the water.  I sat there for a minute trying to see if I really heard her say unsweet and sure enough she did.  Still no big deal but really? lol.  I looked at hubby and said, “This is going to be an experience.”  A second waitress came to take our food order.  Hubby asked for soup and I asked for a side of ranch dressing for my salad.  So the came out with 3 salad bowls and no ranch dressing.  Hubby was like, um… I asked for soup (still we didn’t throw a fit) and I was like and I asked for a side of ranch dressing.  Ok that was fixed.  Then we were asked if we’d like cheese on our salad, I said yes and we waited 3-5 minutes before they came back with the cheese.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  So then it was time for our entree’s.  Everything came out okay except hubby ordered a steak and they didn’t bring him a steak knife.  The waitress said I’ll go get you one. He sat there for about 5 minutes and I offered him my butter knife.  He was like I have one so he ate half his steak with a butter knife.  Finally the waitress came back to see how our food was and I was like, is he not allowed a steak knife?  She was like oh I forgot.  Hubby was like I’m finished can I have a to go box.  Instead she brought him back a steak knife.  Then tbug and I got up to go to the bathroom and the guy who seated us came by and asked if our experience got better.  Hubby was like, I ate half my steak with a butter knife, what do you think.  The guy was like, no probably not.  I was sooooooooo ready to go home by this point.  Didn’t help we had a 2 hour drive home after this fun experience.

We got home around 11:15 and all crashed for the night.

Sunday we woke up and laid around lazy until it was time to go meet my parents at Long Horn for lunch.  Then we came home and hubby changed the oil in his truck.  Finally hubby started working on our Sunday Night Dinner food and then it was time to take Tbug back to her mom so since hubby was cooking I ran her to town.  Then we met back up at Earl’s house for dinner.  Quite the interesting weekend!  And now it’s Monday.

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