Hubby’s Birthday Weekend

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I’m not sure if you’ve been around long enough to know or realize this, but hubby usually gets a weekend long celebration for his birthday if not the whole week. It’s quite funny! This year proved no different. Because of the Chili Cook-off being on his birthday (Sat Nov 1) and we were going to the Chiefs game on the 2nd, we had to squeeze his birthday in somehow so we took him to dinner on Friday night, Halloween…

We picked Tbug up at 6 and went to see hubby’s dad and my grandma and then met my parents at Longhorn Steakhouse (hubby’s choice) to eat dinner for his birthday.

They have this thing called a Porterhouse for 2 and that’s what hubby wanted. I was quick to oblige! (Hey I like steak and I’m not pregnant anymore so it doesn’t make me gag… boy I hope baby girl likes steak…)

Now one of the reasons he chose here for his birthday was because he received an email for a free dessert on his birthday. This was the dessert they had pictured and that’s soooo what he wanted. btw, very good choice!

Tbug stayed the night with my parents that night because she and grandpa were going to get up and work on her Chili for the cook-off the next morning. Hubby made plans to spend the morning shooting guns with friends (at targets. They got him a target for his birthday and then I guess they broke it?? I wasn’t around so I don’t know). Baby girl decided daddy needed a back rub for his birthday. And maybe a little drool on his neck too?

Someone also had to get dressed for the party.

So once he was finished we went over to my parents. Mom made hubby a Ruben for his birthday since he loves Rubens. Then it was present time. Now 2 things about hubby’s presents from us… I had them wrapped and in the car to take into the restaurant the night before and left them in the car. And 2 they were soooo hard to wrap I only wrapped the lids. Hey he knew what he was getting anyway…

He wanted storage tubs for his reloading bench. He picked them out and we bought them right then and there so I got him exactly what he wanted.

He got new house slippers

and socks from my parents. Yeah we went all out can you tell. I’m sorry hubby!

Then he napped at my parents house while Tbug, my dad and I went over to a horse show to “make an appearance.” Once we got back it was time to head to the cook-off. I think it was kind of an added bonus for hubby that Tbug won the competition.

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