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Blondie sprouted! haha!

Blondie is our momma mare. In fact, she’s the momma of our my Bucky! This year, we had it calculated when she was to foal, but she had other plans I guess. Two weeks after we thought she’d sprout, she finally did!

One thing I did realize in all of this waiting… this little colt’s (yes I said colt, more on that in a minute) granddaddy stayed in his momma 13 months. I’m not kidding. Now if you know anything about horses, they carry for 11 months. Way back in the 90’s when granddaddy was born, we hauled our mare Lena down to Texas to get bred. We knew the date we brought her home. We know the date they bred her. All those dates were accounted for and when her due date came and passed, by like 2 months, I kid you not, we figured she just didn’t conceive.

Now my dad had been sick and in the hospital. He was released the day before Munchkin was born. My mom got up at 6 am to go out and do chores so that my dad wouldn’t worry about the animals. She went out to find this little heap of what she thought was a big pile of poop. In fact, it turned out to be Munchkin. So, when Blondie came and passed her due date, I giggled remembering Munchkin. Wondering if those were genetic traits and she’d have to carry for 13 months as well. You never know…

The other cool thing about all of this was, Tbug was with us! Yey! There are a lot of times that when the colts are born that her mom will bring her over to see them. But we didn’t have to have that done this time. She got woke up out of bed, told to get her boots on quickly, grab a lead rope, and go find your dad to help. Abug and I were quickly in tow behind her.

And yes, this ornery little rugrat is a colt. I swear that’s all our stud knows how to throw. I think out of 12 babies out of him (not counting this year at all), only 2 have been fillies. All the rest have been colts. This year, we’re well on our way to all colts. We had one mare left after Blondie to foal and we’re praying for a filly. Wish us luck!

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