Fishing Sugar Cookies

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I’m a couple weeks behind sharing these cookies. It happens. Life happens. I’ve had a lot going on in my life and I promise that a lot of things will have light shed on them very soon. Truthfully, just waiting on a couple more pieces to fall into place.

So Fishing Cookies. My friend Jody hit me up and asked if I’d do some cookies for her cute little boy. Hey, who am I to turn down that cutie! haha. He just had his birthday last month. They are totally into fishing. Now… the one way I would tell her NO is if she made me touch a real fish. Now… I have touched a real fish, I screamed, made the boat captain think I fell overboard. It was great. I’m not a fan of fish. haha.

But these weren’t real fish so we were good. We discussed a few different ideas/options and came up with fishing bobbers. Easy peasy. haha. But seriously, they turned out soooooo darn cute! If I do say so myself.

She added to all of that with bobber cupcakes and muffins and yeah. I guess her kiddos aren’t huge on birthday cake but this year it sounds like he did ask for cupcakes this year.

Okay, so that’s the cookies. Just one design. I was so happy! White and red. Two colors. Easy, right.

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