Dinosaur Sugar Cookies

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A couple weeks ago Abug had to have some dental work done. Either while I was sitting there waiting or just after I got a text from my mom asking if I had any dinosaur sugar cookies. I told her no and that we’d probably have to go on Amazon to find them. She mentioned a kitchen supply store there in town and asked if they’d have them. Truthfully, I figured the answer was no.

Abug did so well during her dental work and didn’t have any pain/issues afterward, that we decided to go to the store and see if we could find a dinosaur cookie cutter. They were getting ready for customer appreciation days the next day so they had them set up in the back. One of the workers helped me look for a dinosaur and Abug found it almost immediately.

I let my mom know we found one and she said great. Guys, I think I paid $1.50 for it… maybe… Amazon’s weren’t that cheap. Although I love Amazon and they had a lot of different dinosaurs than this one.

Mom wanted 2 dozen. I always make more in case one breaks (I had 2 break in half). Then when I send them out the door, I usually send a couple extra, because hello, don’t you want to taste them? That’s my thoughts :). haha.

So now I present you….

The Dinosaur Sugar Cookies

Green and blue Dinosaur Sugar Cookies

p.s. I heard the little boy these were for loved them! Yey!! He’d go around at his birthday party, take a bite and then roar at people. Tooo stinking cute!

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