Woooo Pig Sooie! UofA Sugar Cookies

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Do I have any University of Arkansas fans out there? No? Bueller, Bueller? haha.

A couple weeks ago I was asked if I could do some U of A cookies. I thought, well maybe, what do you have in mind. We discussed it back and forth, she sent me a few ideas and bam! the magic began. Okay… well, the “magic” began a couple weeks later because obviously, I had a little planning/prep time.

Now, if you don’t know, U of A’s mascot is the Razorback. And apparently at all football games anyway (or sometimes just in a large crowd of Arkansas fans), you hear them yell Woooo Pig Sooie! Truthfully, I have no idea what that means, but it’s funny to hear a crowd of them yell it. I kind of assume it’s a lot like being at a Chiefs game when all of the fans start chanting the Tomahawk chant. A few years ago, at a Houston Texan’s game when we shut them out, you could hear Chiefs fans on the tv. I assume, the Woooo Pig Sooie! might be something like that. Just a guess.

On a side note, that’s not something I ever got into or even attended while in college, a college football game. None of my schoolings took me to a big name school, so maybe that’s why I never really got into it. Makes you wonder, huh? Although on another side note, I really wanted to go to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Don’t ask me why I didn’t. I don’t have a good reason.

Anyway, back to the Razorback cookies. Initially, the pictures she sent me had the actual shape of a Razorback. I am close to Northwest Arkansas, but not close enough to have one of those cookie cutters. Btw, when you do all those shapes of cookies, you acquire a lot of cookie cutters. I have a tin box that is mounding over and I swear I’ve only used some of those shapes once if any at all. It’s kind of sad really…

So that’s why I was happy when she came up with the face on a square cookie idea. Okay, I think I can manage that. Please, for ego sake, tell me I did okay!

Of course, then we had some UA cookies and some Hogs. My hogs cookies were boring so I added polka dots. I thought I’d be festive. I delivered these cookies to her while my daughter was having dance recital practice. The gal was running late and because of that, I didn’t get to see the dress rehearsal of her dance. I about cried. Luckily hubby videoed it for me. Still didn’t make me feel any less sad.

But anyway, such is life I guess…Happy Sunday!

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